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Italian Cinema and the 150th anniversary of the unification

Italian Cinema and the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy                                               

The celebrations for the 150 years of Italian unification are still going on all through 2011. On the 19th and 20th of September The Italian cultural institute is going to host a conference  on Italian Cinema. The event will celebrate the talent of illustrious Italian film directors from the second half of the previous century, such as Luchino Visconti and Francesco Rosi.

Among the special guests: the  renowned actor Fabrizio Gifuni and Massimo Troisi’s scriptwriter Anna Pavignano, as well as many contributions by experts from the University of Salerno.

The second conference day will be dedicated to the cinema of the Campania region with a special focus on the actor Massimo Troisi and the Neapolitan director Francesco Rosi.

The conference starts on Monday the 19th of September at 4 o’clock.

After the screening of:  “ The greatest Italian artists at the University of Salerno”, a DVD produced by the University of Salerno, Marco Pistoia, professor of Film History at University of Salerno and Davimedia scientific coordinator, will introduce the public to the  art of Luchino Visconti with an in-depth examination of the representation of history in his works and especially in the  films “Senso” and The “Leopard”.

 Later on the actor Francesco Gifuni will talk about his work experience in the Italian cinema industry and his relationship with the heritage of the past.

The day will be concluded by a piano concert by Daniele Furlati, winner of the “David di Donatello” 2011 for the sound-track of “L’uomo che verrà” by Giorgio Diritti.

 On Tuesday the 20th of September (starting at 4.30 pm) the subject of the conference will be the cinema and the artists from Naples and the Campania region.


Vincenzo Esposito (University of Naples “Federico II”) will talk about the cinema of Francesco Rosi  in conversation with Valerio Caprara (University of Naples “L'Orientale”, and President of Film Commission Regione Campania), Alex Marlow Mann and Dario Minutolo (AIRSC).

Francesco Rosi, together with Gillo Pontecorvo, early Pasolini, Taviani brothers, Valerio Zurlin and Ettore Scola was one of the central figures of the politicised post-neorealist 1960s and 70s of Italian cinema.

Francesco Rosi’s movies deal with controversial issues related to the corrupt post-war Italy.

His movie on the criminal Salvatore Giuliano won the Silver bear at the 12th Berlin international film festival in 1962, while the film on the mysterious death of oil manager Enrico Mattei  (“The Mattei affair”, 1972) won the palm d’Or at Cannes film festival. Among his best known works also “Lucky Luciano”, 1974 and “Illustrious corpses” 1976.

 A Tribute to Massimo Troisi: “Ricomincio da Tre”, (1981) will conclude  the conference together with the participation of Anna Pavignano, script writer for Massimo Troisi's movies.


Giulia Lombardo

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