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Ignuddi Recipe


a very tasty, good looking and elegant Tuscan dish called "Ignudi - the naked".


(Ingredients for 4-5 persons)

1 kg spinach
250 g Ricotta cheese
2-3 eggs
fresh grated Parmesan
all purpose flour
(bread crumbs - optional)
salt and pepper   

Wash spinach well and boil it in a little salted water. When tender pass under cold water and squeeze the best you can - the dryer the better - and chop pretty fine. In a bowl put the ricotta and with a fork mix in the spinach, add eggs and 3-4 table spoons of Parmesan, check salt & pepper, and if the consistence is too soft slowly slowly work in a little bit of bread crumbs until you reach a soft dough. Let sit for 5 minutes. Heat up water in a pot and salt it a bit (maybe use the spinach water again).

Put some flour on a plate, moist your hands and form oval gnocchi (size like 2 walnuts), roll each one in the flour and set gently into the low boiling water. ALWAYS make a test piece, if it falls apart add a little flower or crumbs to the dough !!! When the gnocchi come to swim on the surface take them out with a skimmer ladle, arrange 3-4 of them on a serving plate, grate some fresh Parmesan and fresh pepper on top and add, if you like, a little piece of fresh butter or drizzle a little fresh olive oil on top.

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