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Help the Earthquake victims - how you can help

While new tremors have been registered in the Emilia Romagna region in the last days (an earth tremor of 3.6 magnitude in Concordia and one of 2.8 magnitude in Mirandola, in the Modena area) 13 million Euros have already been collected for the reconstruction.

According to the analysis of the European commission on the disaster, the first estimate of the damages is of 5 billion Euros. 250 million of Euros will be allocated from the solidarity and production activities funds. Between 150 and 200 million of this money will come from the solidarity fund and it will be spent for the reconstruction of buildings and public structures.

The Emilia Romagna region has already collected 1,1 million of Euros as a consequence of more than 3 thousands payments made by citizens entrepreneurs, banks and associations such as Arci (Associazione ricreativa e culturale italiana). Another 12,1 million of Euros came from the civil protection fund race operation through text messages sent to 45500 for the cost of two pounds each. Dividing the amount for the number of citizens we find out that at least one Italian citizen out of six has sent a solidarity offer.

Solidarity donations have been sent also from abroad.

105 thousand Euros were donated by the community of Emilia Romagna in the world (Emilio-Romagnoli nel mondo) and from countries related to Emilia-Romagna, as for example: the region Pays de la Loire in the city of Novi Sad (Serbia) which has allocated 2 million dinars (about 17 thousand Euros) for the city of Modena to which it is twinned.

The associations from Emilia-Romagna in London have collected 10 thousand Euros.

Many solidarity events have been organised. A charity gig will be held in Bologna on the 26th of June. Ligabue, Zucchero, Laura Pausini and Guccini will take part to raise money.

Among the major initiatives the Mozart Orchestra, conducted by Claudio Abbado, performed last Sunday at the Teatro Manzoni in Bologna has collected more than 31,160 Euros that will support the reconstruction of the areas affected by the earthquake, and in particular its theatres.

The main event will be the "Republic of ideas," three days of meetings, concerts and workshops which will be staged in Bologna starting from tomorrow. For those who want to attend, donations can be made until July 31, through the Iban: IT54 Z030 6903 2646 1523 0152 638 - C / C transfer to Enel Cuore at Banca Intesa San Paolo.

To donate from abroad with PayPal for the earthquake in Emilia Romagna please visit the website

Or the Italian Embassy in London at

Giulia Lombardo

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