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Help needed to restore Churches in Italy


Many small village/hamlet Churches in Italy require funds for repairs or renovations. There are so many churches in Italy that estimating the exact number, especially if we include desecrated churches, is almost impossible.

In Rome, for example, in the Mura aureliane perimeter alone, there are 370 churches of historic value.

If you know of any village/hamlet Churches in Italy which require financial help for restructuration or conversion of the building for other uses, please share your story with us!

We already know for example that in Volpi, Pellegrino Parmense, there is a small Church which requires restoration works. The church is seeking alternative funds because the Vatican won’t pay for the renovations. Donations have been received and fund raisers are planned.

Many are the initiatives which can be taken to save the precious historical heritage of ancient churches.

In 2007 the council administration of Vernasca and the association “Amici di Vernasca a Londra” organized a trip to London and a charity dinner to raise money for the restoration of S. Andrea a Castelletto and the oratory of Santa Franca di Vitalta.

In a time of financial crisis, Monti’s Government invited public administrations to find creative ways to optimize the resources available.

The FEC (Fondo per gli edifici di culto) which owns more than 700 churches in Italy must strive to keep up to the maintenance requirements (58 million euro last year), because its funds are barely enough to cover the 10% of it.

Now, according to a convention between the FEC and the university of Rome “La sapienza” students and recent graduates will collaborate with the FEC carrying out support activities for diploma or doctoral thesis, research on the history and status of conservation of monuments, surveys, inspections, and monitoring of the buildings status.

Amongst the churches involved, there are churches of historical and artistic importance such as, San Carlo ai Catinari, San Crisogono, Santa Pudenziana, Sant’Andrea della Valle, Santa Maria dell’Aracoeli, in Rome but also Santa Maria Novella in Florence, San Domenico a Siena and Sant’Anna la Misericordia in Palermo.

The initiative is a real call to aspirant would-be restorers to adopt a church!

Giulia Lombardo

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