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Foreign couples choosing Italy for their weddings

Italian wedding destinations are increasingly popular, as was revealed by the Florence-based tourism research centre “Centro Studi”.

7,000 foreign couples picked an Italian destination for their wedding in 2015, spending on average 54,000 euros. In the same year the wedding business generated over 330,000 arrivals and a total of 1.1 million tourists in Italy.


According to the ISTAT report "Marriages, separations and divorces," in 2015 marriages in Italy returned to grow reaching 194,377, about 4,600 more than the previous year, after a significant drop between 2008 and 2014. However, there were less weddings in which at least one of the two spouses was a foreign citizen, about 24,000 (12.4% of total) which accounts for about 200 less than in 2014.


The frequency of marriages with one foreign spouse is higher in the northern and central areas, where foreign communities are more stable and rooted. In the North-east, nearly one marriage in five has one foreign spouse, the North-West and the Centre 15% of marriages include a foreign spouse, while they are 6.3% and at 5.9% in the South and in the Islands.


Mixed marriages (in which one spouse is Italian and other foreign) amounted to more than 17,692 in 2015, while those with two foreign partners were more than 6,300.


In mixed pairs the most common type is that in which the husband is Italian and the bride is foreign, this type of marriage account for about the 7% of the wedding celebrated in 2015 at the national average level, and about 9% in the north and centre. Italian women who have chosen a foreign partner were 4,050 in 2015, 2.1% of the total of the brides. This type of union showed the sharpest decline since 2008 (when there were more than 6,300).


Italian men who in 2015 married a foreign citizen have in 20% of cases a Romanian wife, a Ukrainian in 12% and 6% a Russian. Overall, one foreign bride out of two is a citizen of a country in the East of Europe. Italian women who married a foreign national, however, have chosen more often men from Morocco (13%), Albania (11%) and Romania (6%). 


The marriages celebrated in Italy between citizens who were both foreigners were over 6,000 (3.3% of total marriages) and decreased substantially when are considered only those in which at least one of them is resident (4,831 weddings in total in 2015). Marriages between Romanians are the most prevalent in absolute terms (926 marriages in 2015, 19% of the total number of marriages between foreign spouses who are residents), followed by those of Nigerians (355 Wedding, 7.3%) and Ukrainians ( 313 marriages, 6.5%).

Giulia Lombardo

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