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Finchley win 2012 OGI

While London is preparing to kick off with the Olympics games, the Anglo- Italian community had their Olympics already.

The 17th edition of the OGI, “Olimpiadi della gioventu Italiana” took place From the 2nFd to the 4th of June at Barnet Copthall stadium. In spite of the inclement weather, the traditional participating teams: Finchley, Southgate, AS Londra Sud, Stanmore & Hendon and St. Peters competed in the games in the usual friendly atmosphere of O.G.I.

The Champion of O.G.I 2012 was Finchley, the Winner of the Les Rickard Award was Stanmore & Hendon while AS Londra Sud Won the Sportsmanship Trophy.

The final Championship status is as follows:

            Team                        Gold                       Silver                       Bronze

            Finchley                        53                       30                  30

            Southgate                     30                       36                  30

            AS Londra Sud                26                               24                  24

            Stanmore & Hendon    19                      17                  20

            St. Peters                       13                       31                  33


500 youngsters aged between 9 and 21 took part in many track and field events as well as netball, football and swimming. The event was, as usual, a great opportunity to meet new friends and have a fantastic time.

On the last day of the games I had the chance to talk with Adriano Morini, President of OGI and Francesca Timanti, secretary of the OGI committee.

As Adriano Morini told us, the event is organize by a committee  of enthusiastic volunteers and parents. The organization of the games took two years. The Committee members met every month in the first year of preparations, then once every two weeks in the year of the games, while during the last months before the event the meetings became more frequent. As Adriano told us, from this edition of OGI - as it was in the 80’s when it all began - the team managers from each team are responsible not only for running the games but for the overall promotion and awareness of this event.

This year a very important role was played by Alessandro Lunghi, coach manager of Londra Sud who promoted an awareness campaign in the Italian schools in the south of the capital.

Giulia Lombardo

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