NEWS » Film Director Carlo Mazzacurati died age 57

Film Director Carlo Mazzacurati died age 57

The film director Carlo Mazzacurati died in Padua at the age of 57 after fighting a long disease.

Mazzacurati received last year the lifetime achievement award at the Torino Film Festival in occasion of the preview of his last work “La sedia della felicità”. In his career Mazzacurati mixed noir, comedy and observations about Italy’s moral decay and social changes. Some of his films won prizes and were screened at prestigious festivals, including Venice, Locarno, and Turin.

He became popular at the “Mostra di Venezia” with “Notte Italiana” his first full length film written with Franco Bernini.

During his career Mazzacurati worked also as a screen writer and produced the documentary “The One Man Beatles”. Gabriele Salvatores used Mazzacurati’s screenplay for “Marrakech Express” and wrote the screenplay “Domani accadrà” directed by Danielle Luccheti and produced by Nanni Moretti.

Son of an engineer, Carlo Mazzacurati become fond of cinema already in high school. He was one of the first students of Dams, where he familiarized with the “tools of the trade” and signed his amateur debut “Vagabondi”, "Tramps," shot with a 16mm camera thanks to the money of a small inheritance. The film won the first prize at the Milan exhibition Filmmakers, and was chosen by Gaumont for cinema distribution, but the distribution company closed its Italian branch so the film was never distributed.

Mazzacurati went to Rome where he worked as a screenwriter and signed, for example, the script of a cult movie such as  “Fracchia contro Dracula”. Then he started directing films again “Il prete bello” (from the book by Parise) in 1989, “Un’altra vita” (1992), and “Il toro”- regarding two unemployed Italians trying to sell a stolen champion breeding bull in Eastern Europe - which in 1994 won the jury award at the Mostra del cinema. One of his most personal and significant works was “Vesna va veloce” 1996, but it’s worth mentioning also “L’estate di Davide” (1998), “La lingua del santo” (2000) and “A cavallo della tigre” in 2002.

He also realized some documentaries on important personalities of Venetian culture, such as Mario Rigoni Stern, Andrea Zanzotto and Luigi Meneghello. He also told the story of the losers of history such as in “La giusta distanza” awarded at the Festa di Roma in 2007. Among his last works were the surreal “La passione” (2010) and the still unreleased “La sedia della felicità” a comedy about a manicurist trying to get her hands on some jewels stuffed in an antique chair which she had heard about while she was working.

Giulia Lombardo

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