NEWS » Festa del fungo Villa Scalabrini 13th October 2012

Festa del fungo Villa Scalabrini 13th October 2012


Autumn in the UK can be damp and wet, the ideal climate to grow delicious porcini fungi!

The long established “Festa del fungo” by Parmigiani Valtaro will be held for the first time at Villa Scalabrini, in Shenley on the 13th of October.

Festa del Fungo, organized by the association “Parmigiani Valtaro”, has been held for over 15 years in different locations.

The Associazione Parmigiani Valtaro has been organising many dinner and dances since it's foundation in 1975 including gala dinner & dances at the Hilton Hotel on Park Lane.

The month of October coincides with the “fungo porcino” season and this is why it represents the ideal time to celebrate the taste of the delicious food made with mushrooms.

Because mushrooms are difficult to find and to identify, sharing knowledge about them can be useful and fun. On the blog “The mushroom diary” precious information about mushroom identification can be found.

We also suggest to look at the The British Mycological Society’s website , a registered British Charity open to all who are interested in promoting and learning about the exciting world of fungi.

The society provides information for people who work with fungi or are just fascinated by them. The website gives also information about new discoveries on mushrooms, on the conservation and classification of fungi and also educational resources for all age groups can be found.

But let’s get back to the Festa del fungo!

The menu is based around the fungo porcino and is a four course dinner including 1/2 bottle of wine all for the price of £25.

The “Italian Trio” will provide the entertainment for the evening.

There will be also a lottery comprising of many wonderful prizes.

Contact details for anyone interested in attending are as follows:

Sergio Corsini, president of Ass.
Parmigiani Valtaro

Email: Tel: 0208 671 6622

Giulia Lombardo

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