NEWS » Facebook campaign to try to recall Padre Carmelo to St Peter's

Facebook campaign to try to recall Padre Carmelo to St Peter's

After the announcement a few days ago that Padre Carmelo Di Giovanni will be transferred to Rome on Friday 19th September 2014, Giuseppe di Tano, tenor in the choir of St Peter’s church, and active member of the Italian community, is collecting signatures to have Padre Carmelo’s transfer revoked.

340 signatures have already been collected and a Facebook campaign has been organised to collect signatures in the hope that Padre Carmelo will return to London.

The project is to collect 2,000 signatures to be presented to the Pope.

For the Facebook campaign follow this link:

Giuseppe is also thinking of creating a website to collect signatures online. The parishioners of St Peter’s can’t resign themselves to accept the fact that their beloved priest is leaving London after 43 years of intensive work for the Anglo-Italian community.

Also the Facebook group “Amici di Padre Carmelo” has been created to share all the good memories of this 43 year long part of the Italian community’s life. There are already 168 members and lots of pictures and personal thoughts about Padre Carmelo’s departure.

Giuseppe di Tano told us he’ll try whatever is possible to bring back Padre Carmelo, he is personally very fond of Padre Carmelo, who celebrated his marriage, and who he has known for so many years.

In the next days there will be many signature collecting events outside St Peter’s and the Holy Redeemer Church in Brixton. 

If you want to sign the petition you can also contact Giuseppe di Tano directly at this mobile telephone number 07958428838.

Giulia Lombardo

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