NEWS » Every 2 minutes in Italy a house is robbed!

Every 2 minutes in Italy a house is robbed!

Every two minutes in Italy a house is robbed. In 2012, 280 thousand house robberies were reported. An increase of 114 percent compared to 2004 and of 40 percent compared to 2010. This alarming data was collected by “Centro study trans crime” of Milan “Cattolica” university and Trento University.

The main targets of the burglars are undefended country villages miles away from the police stations.

The province with the highest rate of robberies is Rovigo with an increase of 237 percent. In Forlì the increase was 232 percent. Milan and Regio Calabria saw an increase of 203 percent. The most affected region was Umbria where house robberies increased by 166 percent over 10 years. Second place for Lombardy with 156 percent more and Tuscany with 141 percent while the increase in Friuli Venezia Giulia was 140 percent.

House robbery requires highly skilled groups of thieves and careful planning, so according to “Transcrime” the increase is not connected to the economical crisis, as desperate people don’t become house robbers as if they were stealing ham at the supermarket.

Out of 10 arrested thieves, 3 were Italians and 7 foreigners, this is probably because organized crime chooses Italy because of its accommodating penal law.

The increase in house robberies was accompanied by a drastic reduction of police officers, “Carabinieri” and finance police. Berlusconi’s government  had introduced a 20 percent  turnover, that is: for every 10 employees retiring only two were replaced.

Some places try to protect themselves by hiring private police officers. In Orzivecchi in the countryside of Brescia the Mayor hired private police to reinsure the citizens and contrast the assault of thieves.

The lack of personnel is also the result of not solving the overlapping of roles between “polizia”, “carabinieri” and  “Guardia di finanza” with a waste of resources and a duplication of roles and expenses.

It seems as if Italians have decided to take the law into their own hands. To get a weapon in Italy is almost as easy as it is in Texas. Everyone who doesn’t hold a criminal record can posses a weapon, obtaining a licence, and there aren’t courses to attend. The licence is renewed every six years and no one controls the psychophysical suitability of the owner. In Italy there are 12 fire weapons legally held for every 100 inhabitants. This is not a record if compared with 45 in Finland 31 in France and Sweden and 30 in Germany, but in terms of their use Italy is number one with 0.71 fire weapon homicides every hundred thousand inhabitants.

In Varese an association offers lessons entitled “knife use and defence” and there are home defence courses where you are taught how to shoot in the home environment.

Giulia Lombardo

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