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Eataly World - an Italian food theme park

If you are an Italian food lover there will soon be a new must-visit spot in the Emilia Romagna region: "Eataly World" a massive Italian food theme park.   

The park is scheduled to open on 15 November in Bologna, Italy. There will be over three dozen restaurants, a gigantic market, and a variety of "multimedia experiences" based on food, farming, and craft.

All over the World, Italy is known as a unique place in terms of food variety, culture, tradition and biodiversity. FICO Eataly World advertises its initiative saying it wants to offer to the public the excellence of Italian food and wines, and the beauty of the Italian agri-food industry, including the traditional skills of its artisans and the expertise of the best food industries.

Admission to Eataly World is free. The food theme park is not only a place to savour Italian specialties, it also focuses on all the process to produce quality Italian food, from growing, harvesting, processing, and know-how. Farms and factories are included in the park's 20 acres and open to the public. Parmigiano-Reggiano making process or olive oil pressing won’t be a secret anymore.  

Eataly establishments around the world already show pasta made by hand and you can choose to either buy some to cook yourself, or have it prepared by an expert cook. Eataly World follows the same idea but on a much larger scale.   

At Eataly world, in fact, it will be possible to see the cows which produced the milk that became the cheese you're going to eat, then see the aging process of that cheese before it becomes cheese. It will be possible to experience the whole food production chains, recovering the direct and physical contact with food and the agricultural world.

However, eating will be a strong temptation with 40 different food options, ranging from more casual trattorias and street-food carts to "starred restaurants." There will be the Neapolitan pizza chain Rossopommodoro and cured-meat purveyor Antica Ardenga.

Part of the area will be also a huge market with an impressive selection of fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs, and fresh bread.  

Eataly World is the largest such project in the world and is based on the sustainable energy concept: it runs on 44,000 solar panels. The food park intends to employ around 3,000 people.

The park has also 4,000 sqm to be dedicated to events, conferences, meetings, team events, and cooking shows.

FICO Eataly World states on its website it wants to “celebrate the immense heritage of Italy, enhancing the culture related to food and generate a sense of pride in the new Italian generation”. 

Giulia Lombardo

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