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Decreto Balduzzi


New provisions on healthcare have been introduced in Italy through the Balduzzi decree, recently approved by the Council of Ministers.

The text, has already been modified several times because of harsh opposition to some of its articles, such as the introduction of taxes on soft drinks and spirits, which have now been omitted.

Among the key points of the decree, primary assistance, will be guaranteed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through the associations of general practitioners working together in the some structure.

This is going to be possible thanks to the creation of new public polyclinics gathering together different experts and equipped with basic instrumentation in order to guarantee a round the clock service. The new general practitioners’ clinics will gather together different talents, will work in liaison with hospitals and they will make it possible to have some basic exams done at your GP’s instead of going to the hospital.

The decree aims also to make the appointment of heads of departments in hospital more transparent. The appointment will be now assigned by an impartial commission, decided by lot, on the base of a score given by merits and publications.

New restrictions and fines have been introduced regarding cigarettes and gambling.

It’s now forbidden to sell cigarettes to minors without asking for an ID (unless the age of the customer is more than evident).

Italy is the only country where, during these terrible years of financial crisis, the gambling addiction has increased instead of decreasing.

The country has the biggest gambling turnover in Europe, amounting to over 76 billion euro a year legally, plus 10 billion euro illegally.

In order to prevent and combat the phenomenon of gambling addiction, quite a serious problem in Italy, a minimum distance of 200m between casinos and sensitive locations, such as schools and hospitals, has been introduced.

Giulia Lombardo

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