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Commitato assistenza scuole italiana crisis

COASIT (Commitato assistenza scuole italiana) is facing severe fund cuts from the Italian government. COASIT was established on the 15 of June 1977 with the aim of keeping alive the feeling of belonging to Italy for the Italians living in the UK. 


Even though the new generations are perfectly integrated and speak English as their mother tongue, knowing the Italian language is an added value to the personal history of every Italian immigrants’ descendent. In this regard, COASIT proved to be an essential point of reference, but things are becoming increasingly difficult.


The amount of the financial contribution received from the Italian government for the calendar year 2016 is around half of that requested and budgeted for. Unfortunately no greater amount of funding is to be expected for 2017.


As a result, the Board of COASIT was forced to increase the level of parental contribution to £150 per pupil for the academic year 2016/2017. In the case of A Level courses, the amount will be £175.


The Board informed that it was a difficult decision. In order to try to soften the impact of this increase, the Board has also decided to introduce a sibling discount of £25 for the second and any further siblings.


Even taking into account the increase in the parental contribution, COASIT’s courses still provide good value for money when compared to the alternatives, such as private tuition or online courses.


This is possible because the Italian government provides support to COASIT also by making available, free of charge, teachers sent from Italy who teach many of the classes. This represents a significant subsidy, without which the cost of the classes to families would inevitably be much higher.


The COASIT provides for the payment of the classrooms in which they take courses and extra-curricular insurance coverage, without which schools do not grant the use of the rooms. COASIT appoints also teachers for courses that can’t be covered by the contingent of teachers sent from Italy; promotes educational update of all the teachers of the courses, makes available to all teachers educational materials and the opportunity to divulgate them.


COASIT still faces a liquidity issue in relation to the current academic year because the financial contribution from Italy arrives in two tranches one of which has still not been received. The Mazzini-Garibaldi Foundation of London responded with great urgency to the request for financial assistance making a very generous grant of money.

Giulia Lombardo

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