NEWS » Classics at The Villa raises more than £9k for Villa Scalabrini

Classics at The Villa raises more than £9k for Villa Scalabrini

On the 22nd of May 2016 several thousand people gathered together in a bubbly Italian atmosphere for “Classics at the Villa”, a charity event at Villa Scalabrini Shenley, displaying fine and rare cars, accompanied by traditional Italian food and drink. 


The event was organised by Marco Fiori, Giuliano Fuoco, Paolo Pettenati and Paolo Arrigo, four Italians passionate about great cars and bikes. This year it exhibited over 120 cars accompanied by the band Ratpack playing Italo-American songs and opera was performed thanks to the Accordionist Romano Viazzani and the soprano Anna Greco.


The Ferrari club came as a group, 18 Ferrari's drove in all together one after another, to the amazement of the public. There were both Classic Cars and super-cars, and this year there was also the MV Augusta motorbike club. There were two Americana police cars of the 1950's, Italian cars, especially Fiat 500's and the Abarth club, but also many great British and European cars. It was a great mix showcasing also camper vans and even a Vintage 1924 Hupmobile.


The whole day was blessed with sunshine. Cars arrived from 8.15 and one car even turned up on Saturday by mistake! During the morning more and more cars arrived and people milled around admiring these beautiful machines. At lunchtime the music started to complement the “Cibo Italiano”, cooked with two wood burning ovens , cannoli Siciliani,, salumi from Piemonte, porchetta romana, Italian Ice cream, arancini siciliani, pasta bar, Italian sausages from Parma, Neapolitan confetti, Italian coffee and much more.


Classics at Villa raised more than £9k for The Villa Scalabrini charity and the event’s popularity is growing rapidly.

The 3 winners of the 'Villa d'Elstree cup' were:

Ferrari 250GT PF Coupe is a 1960

Shelby GT350 is a 1965

Alfa Giulia 1600 Spyder is a 1965.


The organisers wish to thank all the people involved in the event, not least those who work so hard behind the scenes on the day and in preparing for the day. Thanks also to those who donated  food and lottery prizes.


Without all these elements the event couldn't have been possible.  And encouragingly it’s great to see younger generations getting involved by coming to the events and/or helping.


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