NEWS » Caffe Nero withdraws advert of leering Italian men

Caffe Nero withdraws advert of leering Italian men

Playing with clichés can sometimes be fun but this time the chain Caffè Nero bit off more than it could chew!

Caffè Nero, one of the most popular coffee chains in the UK has been forced by custumers’ protests to remove the advert in which a group of Italian men leered at a lady’s behind.

It all began when Laura Palmer a 32 year old teacher spotted the print in Caffè Nero in Ashford, Kent, and decided to complain as in her opinion the image was inappropriate and promoted the sexual discrimination of women.

According to the head of Caffè Nero the image was supposed to “portray Italian culture”. But after the protests the chain admitted that the advert may cause offence, and decided to remove it from all the stores as soon as possible.

Rude comments and glances might still be part of Italian culture, but in my opinion this should be regarded as shameful, and this attitude towards women shouldn’t be promoted, especially considering that violence and harassment to women is a big problem in Italy.

Just a few months ago Reuters reported that in Italy, every 2 days and a half, a woman has been killed, with 65 victims in the first six months of 2013.

In Italy it is estimated that 6,743,000 women between 16 and 70 years of age, are victims of physical or sexual abuse, and about 1 million have suffered rape or attempted rape.

According to the latest report from the World Health Organization 14.3% of women have been the victims of acts of violence by a partner, but only 7% reported the fact.

Equally alarming was finding out that 33.9% of those who suffered violence at the hands of their partners, and 24% of those who have suffered from an acquaintance or a stranger, do not speak to anyone about it.

Domestic violence, moreover, is the second leading cause of death for pregnant women.

Giulia Lombardo

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