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Brits love Panettone

Pantettone has beaten traditional Christmas pudding! One month before Christmas stocks of Panettone imported from Italy were already sold out.


The British passion for Italian food is not a novelty. Since a few years ago Italian products could only be found in small shops or in specialised delicatessens while now Pantettone can be found also in some supermarkets.


Panettone can cost as much as 30 pounds, even so sales have increased by 56% in 2016.


A British version of the Italian panettone, sold in Sainsbury's and Asda was also created but it's less tender and soft so Britons prefer the more expensive original Italian one.


The reason of the success of panettone this year was that the Italian sweet bread has had a rebrand. The number one best-selling Christmas product is now the world’s first salted caramel panettone. The current best-selling panettone, now outselling Christmas pudding by two to one, was created by Selfridges, the luxury department store supermarket. 


Like most innovations Selfridges' panettone was originally a hard sell. The producers, the Filippi bakery in Zanè, northern Italy, a small family-run business known for its panettone, was not keen on changing its traditional recipe but finally agreed.


Therefore, the secret of this surprising boost in panettone purchases is that it has been adapted to the British taste. The tip from Selfridges is to warm it in the oven, grate a sprinkling of Himalayan pink salt over it and serve with vanilla ice cream, which has nothing to do with the original panettone. 


If there’s any leftover, it can be used for a more luxurious base for a bread and butter pudding.


Panettone is becoming so popular in the Uk that also Garden restaurant VICO is launching a Panettone, Gelato and Winter Warmer Bar, where you can spruce up your serving of cake. There are also mini panettone filled with gelato alongside a selection of dipping sauces. Panettone is also served soaked in vinsanto and passito wine and topped with whipped cream.


At Carluccio’s there is a new panettone filled with a light prosecco-flavoured cream that has been added to the traditional one and a chocolate, hazelnut-glazed version. Also Pret is creating the hybrid “muffetone”, a muffin baked with the traditional flavours of panettone, candied orange peel, almonds, vanilla and raisins.

Giulia Lombardo

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