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Boomerang kids, parasite singles - Mammoni o bamboccioni

La mamma è sempre la mamma! (mother is always mother) It’s a famous Italian saying. In times of crisis this saying seems to be more true than ever.

All over the world young people are facing difficulties to emancipate themselves from their family. In many cases they are forced to go back to live with their parents even in the age group 30-40.

Society has already given them different names. In America they are called “boomerang kids”, in Japan “parasite singles” and in Italy “Mammoni o bamboccioni!”.

According to last year’s Coldiretti/Censis report, one out of three young Italians still live at home with their families. 

It is the lack of jobs to be blamed and figures show that the difficulties in leaving the nest effects mainly men. This is probably due to the fact that because of the lack of jobs and financial instability, men postpone starting a family more than women, mainly because men are still the main breadwinners, for cultural reasons, but also for a very hostile job market for women. In fact, not only it is more difficult for women to find a job, but also the temporary forms of contracts now diffused in Italy don’t include any maternity leave.

According to the Censis/Coldiretti report "Crisi: vivere insieme, vivere meglio", 31% of Italians live with their parents. If we consider people between 18 and 29 years old, they are 60.7 percent.

Moreover, being family the main form of welfare in Italy, 54% of Italians live maximum thirty minutes walk distance from their parents’ home. This is mainly due to mutual help reasons.

This need for proximity affects not only young people between 18 and 29 years of age, 60.7% of them live with the mother and 26.4% live less than 30 minutes away. Also among older people aged between 30 and 45 years, 25.3% of them are cohabiting, and 42.5% live in the vicinity. Even among adults aged between 45 and 64 years 11, 8% are cohabiting, and 58.5% live in close proximity.

Also in the Uk, as the Guardian reported, there is a growing trend of young people living at home with their parents.

According to the “National housing federation”, three out of 10 parents (27%) have at least one adult child aged between 21 and 40 living at home with them. Two-thirds of these parents (66%) mentioned economical reasons, especially the lack of affordable housing in the UK (89%), as the main cause of this situation.

Giulia Lombardo

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