NEWS » Be careful how you dress in Salerno - you could be fined

Be careful how you dress in Salerno - you could be fined

A new anti-vice law in Salerno makes it illegal to look like a prostitute in public. Wearing skimpy skirts, high heels and acting flirtatiously might cause women a £400 fine for “violating urban decorum”. Let's just hope that the boundary between fashion and the exhibition of the female body for commercial purposes will always be easy to judge. Therefore, if you visit Salerno this summer be aware of your outfit! 


Prostitution has recently seen a steep increase in Salerno so civic leaders relied on this measure to clean up the city before the peak tourism season.


According to the council spokesman, people can't be fined for the intention to prostitute so it becomes difficult to counteract the phenomenon, but with this new law you can protect urban decorum fining indiscreet and brazen prostitutes.


The idea is that because of this law prostitutes will become less attractive to clients and less visible to citizens and tourists.


In Italy there are at least between 70 thousand and 120 thousand prostitutes for 9 million customers for a turnover of about 5 billion Euros. 


In France, when a similar law was introduced 12 years ago, prostitutes wore casual clothes to get around the rules which didn't prove to be effective to contrast prostitution, therefore the law was changed 2 years later.


In Britain, prostitution and paying for sex is legal if the girl is over 18 and is not forced into it. Related activities such as soliciting, kerb crawling, keeping a brothel and pimping are all considered against the law.


Brothels are tolerated in Spain and they are still legal in Germany, Holland and Switzerland.


Only in Sweden and Norway, in Europe, it is illegal to pay for sex.


In Italy, since the “Legge Merlin”, the law introduced by the senator Lina Merlin in 1958, came into force, the 560 brothels present on the entire national territory were closed down and the crime of aiding prostitution was introduced, also soliciting, taking advantage of prostitution and renting houses for sex in exchange for money became illegal.


Last year a new bill was put forward by Pd senators Maria Spilabotte and Monica Cirinnà to revise the Merlin regulation, with the objective of regulating prostitution according to specific rules, including taxation. Among the cornerstones of the bill there is the abolition of the crime of aiding prostitution and the reopening of brothels.


The law makes it possible to conduct business indoors, giving the opportunity to the individual worker or a group of several people to rent an apartment legally (without criminal consequences even for the owner of the property) and then practice their activity in a safe place rather than on the side-walk. At the discretion of mayors, there is also the possibility of setting up specific areas where to allow the exercise of prostitution, thus satisfying the demand for decorum in areas most affected by the phenomenon. It is also mentioned the obligation of using condoms and paying taxes with notification of commencement of the activity to the Chambers of Commerce accompanied by a psychological fitness certificate obtained at any local health authority. The law also provides for the payment in advance of 6 thousand Euros for the full-time exercise and 3 thousand for that part-time. Punishable offences by the criminal point of view, would be those of exploitation of prostitution, violent coercion and organisation of the international traffic.


The above mentioned bill raised many polemics and nothing has been decided yet

Giulia Lombardo

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