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The changing ownership of some of Italy's top brands

Can made in Italy still be considered Italian? The top Italian industries in the fashion and food sectors have gradually been bought by foreign companies. Here are some of the well-known brands no more in Italian hands: Barilla, was sold to the Americans; L'Alitalia was sold to the French; Plasmon to the Americans; Gucci is also in French hands; Buitoni was taken over by the Swiss Nestlè together with Baci perugina, I gelati dell’antica gelateria del corso and Buitoni. Also Gancia was sold to the Russians and Carapelli became Spanish.


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Italy's traditional Easter dishes

Easter is rather early this year but Italians are always ready to prepare traditional dishes. On Easter morning families will gather at the table together for the typical savoury breakfast, that is: the savoury cake made with cheese, eggs and salami. It’s rather a heavy breakfast which will be probably followed by an even heavier lunch, after which it will be probably necessary to take a nice long walk to help to digest, hoping for good weather.


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Pompeii's Villa of mysteries reopens

Pompeii’s Villa of Mysteries has recently reopened to the public after a two-year restoration. The Villa is famous for its burnt orange and red wall-paintings depicting an initiation into the cult of Dionysus, the God of wine.


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Is the poet Dante turning in his grave as the Italian language declines?

Is the poet Dante turning in his grave as the Italian language declines? The CNN website has recently published an article on the decline of the Italian language. The author, Silvia Marchetti, freelance reporter and writer, pointed out that Italy is becoming illiterate. Marchetti said that many Italians are clueless on grammar and don't even know how to use verbs properly. So, the land where Latin originated and from which many other European languages descend is becoming ignorant when it come to using correct Italian.


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Summer delays expected on A3 Salerno-Reggio-Calabria

The 25-year-old Rumanian construction worker Adrian Miholca died while working on the building site of the Salerno Reggio-Calabria motorway in the part denominated “Viadotto Italia”, the highest flyover in the peninsula and the second highest in Europe. After the accident, the A3 motorway, one of the never ending constructions renowned for 40 years of squandering, thefts, and big planning mistakes, has been closed in the segment between the toll booths Lagonegro nord and Sibari, causing deviations on state highways and country roads which now makes the journey to the south of Italy longer and more difficult.


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Luca Ronconi has passed away

Luca Ronconi, one of the most important theatrical innovators of the 20th century, died at the age of 81. Actor and director, Ronconi revolutionized contemporary theatre. One of the most illustrious figures of Italian culture, he also directed the “Teatro di Roma” from 1994 to 1998 and from 1999 the theatre “Il Piccolo di Milano”.


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Prosecco on tap? Legal challenge in UK

Some bars and pubs in Britain have been reported selling prosecco on tap. Now, a group of prosecco makers, with the support of the Italian government, threatens legal action and fines against British pubs for serving the fizzy wine from kegs.


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Film Director Francesco Rosi has passed away

Italian director Francesco Rosi, one of the last interpreters of the golden age of Italian cinema has died at the age of 92. His award winning films, picturing and investigating in depth on corruption and criminality in Italy, made him one of the most acclaimed and influential film-makers from the 1950s to the '90s. His works influenced directors such as Martin Scorsese, Oliver Stone and Francis Ford Coppola.


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Italy a leader in climate change performance

At the latest United Nations Climate Conference, held in Lima this year, it was revealed that Italy is among the top 20 countries in the world when it comes to tackling climate change. It emerged from the report on Climate Change Performance Index, which evaluates and compares the climate protection performance in the countries that are, together, responsible for more than 90 percent of global energy-related CO2 emissions. The aim of the report is to enhance transparency in international climate politics.


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Rome the Mafia capital?

Most of Rome’s inhabitants have always suspected that corruption was behind the malfunctioning of the Italian capital. Everyone visiting the city might have noticed that in the last years Rome has become dirtier, the traffic has increased without an adequate mobility plan for public transport, and there are unlicensed car-park attendants at every corner. These are just the most superficial aspects which strike the eye of tourists and inhabitants. After the arrest of 37 people on the 2nd of December the presence of Mafia in Rome has been demonstrated. Rome has been called “Mafia capital”.


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