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Website travel experience focussing on Italian Artisans

The website “Italian stories” provides a new travel experience through visits and hands-on workshops to learn the secrets of Italian artisans. “Italian stories” was created in January 2015 to give visibility to artisans' laboratories scattered all over Italy. It is a new form of experiential tourism invented by two Italian architects: Eleonora Odorizzi and Andrea Miserocchi.


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Award winning screenwriter Ettore Scola has died

Ettore Scola, the last of the neo-realist film directors has died at the age of 84. He depicted a delicate time in Italian history, a country just redeemed from fascism, and trying to forget the war. Realism and irony were the distinctive traits of his style, focusing on the class divisions and frustrated idealisms of the 20th century. Many of his films have a historical background, starring the most famous actors of that time, Marcello Mastroianni, Vittorio Gassman and Nino Manfredi.


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Review of Milan's men's fashion week

The Autumn-winter men's fashion week has just concluded in Milan. This edition of Milan Fashion Week with the preview of the autumn-winter proposals was the one with the highest number of collections since 2011, about 86. A triumph of colour for the colder months, but what is the man of the future going to look like? Diesel Black Gold proposed jackets and shirts matching with hi-tech trousers like those of bikers, Gucci proposed t-shirts with Snoopy and overcoats kimono style for a man defined “anarchic”. J.W. Anderson presented oversize clothes, and satin suits pyjamas-inspired and long cardigans with details in rabbit fur.


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The air that we breathe - affected by cars?

Italians love cars! In nearly all Italian cities, there are an average of 500 cars for every 1,000 inhabitants, and in the capital, Rome there are 732 cars for every 1,000 inhabitants. Many Italian cities, such as Rome, don't have a good public transport system. Most of the cities are not served by the tube, and buses are few and unreliable when it comes to timetables. As a consequence Roman citizens drive their cars or scooters wherever they want to go.


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St Peter's Church Presepe

Peter Bertoncini and a small group of adults worked for about 7 full days to realise this year's presepe at St Peter's church. The nativity scene is visible as soon as one enters the church, and has a dimension of 9 for 6/7 metres. This year the background covered in stars is lighter in colour and the overall space occupied in the church has been increased. The presepe was planned to be ready by the 13th of December for the opening of the holy year. As every year, baby Jesus was carried in procession and placed in the manger at midnight of the 24th.


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Italy to reply to terrorism with culture

Following the November the 13th terror attacks in Paris, the Italian Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi, announced that Italy would reply to terrorism with culture. An extra investment on security will be necessary and for this reason €500 million euros would be allocated for cyber-security and for modernizing the police force, while another €500 million will be spent for the Italian armed forces. Another billion euros will also be spent on culture as the Prime Minister announced that for every extra euro invested in security, an extra euro must be invested in culture. The plan is to invest in projects in large cities and their outskirts and in incentives for young people. There will also be tax breaks for cultural associations.


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Italy in global first place for solar energy

According to the survey on "100 Italian Energy Stories" presented by energy utility Enel and Symbola Foundation, Solar electric (photovoltaic) systems account for 7.9% of electricity production in Italy, putting the country in global first place. In the world photovoltaic ranking, Greece accounts for 7.6% of electricity produced, Germany for 7%, Japan for less than 3% and the US and China for less than 1%. Among the same countries, Italy is in second place for energy efficiency within the national economy.


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Censis Study suggests dangerous poverty in future planning

According to the 49th edition of the “Censis” study on the social situation in Italy, the country is currently experiencing a "dangerous poverty in planning for the future". The main trend is a "day-to-day" mentality that tends to value individual interests over those of the wider community. The good news was that this year the purchasing power increased for the first time since the start of the financial crisis, but still 20% of Italian families are unable to cover all of their expenses with their income. The data wasn't positive for public healthcare though, as more than four out of 10 Italians said healthcare is worsening, a figure that increases to six out of 10 in Italy's south.


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17 Masterpieces stolen in Verona

Armed bandits stole a collection of 17 rare paintings, masterpieces from 1400 to the 1600, worth about £10 million, from the 14th century Castelvecchio fortress in Verona in northern Italy. Among the stolen works of art there were masterpieces by Tintoretto, Rubens and Bellini. Some of the works are of lesser value but 11 of them are considered masterpieces. Being most of the works so famous it will be impossible to sell them on legal markets. Therefore, according to Italian authorities, the works had probably been stolen to order by an unscrupulous private collector. The Theft has been defined as one of the gravest ever in the history of Italian art. Among the stolen works are early Renaissance masterpieces such as “Madonna of the Quail” by Pisanello and six paintings by Tintoretto, among which "Male Portrait" and also there is the painting by Peter Paul Rubens "Portrait of a Lady".


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Sardinia's future under threat!

Sardinia, one of the most beautiful islands in Europe, and popular holiday destination for Italians and people coming from all-over the world, is under threat. Manufacturing plants and military testing grounds, have been set on part of Sardinia’s golden coastlines making much of it now inaccessible. It all started during the cold war when the world was divided in two separate areas of influence and Sardinia was a very important strategic point for America. It is now the most militarised area in Europe.


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