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1 Billion Euros Investment in Italian Cultural Heritage

The Italian government is going to spend one billion euros on its often neglected cultural heritage as foreseen by the “Piano Strategico Turismo e Cultura”. The cultural minister Dario Franceschini pointed out that this is the biggest investment on the Italian cultural heritage since Italy's unification. It isn't the first time that promises have been made about financing Italy’s cultural heritage, but this time Dario Franceschini reassured the population that the restoration works will start immediately because they have already been deliberated and financed.


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Bandiera Blue 2016 - the movers

More flags for Italy in 2016! Bandiera blu, “The blue flag” assigned to sea localities and tourists resorts by the “Foundation for Environmental education” rewarded Italy once more. Five more flags than last year have been assigned to Italy and a total number of 293 resorts have been awarded with the blue flag.


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55th Milan Furniture Fair Review

Milan Design Week displayed a playful mood. After years of safe market-friendly launches by manufacturers the style this year was decidedly more up-to-date and playful. Beige, generic designs have been around for too long and people want something different. Lines were curved, generous and feminine, the pieces combine timeless materials (bronze, wood, ceramics) with leather and velvet upholstery in elegant pastel colours and only two of the designs used right angles. There was a return to glamour and femininity with voluptuous shapes and bold patterns. Also to be seen was lacquered furniture, richly patterned tiles, fabrics and carpets


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The mystery of writer Elena Ferrante

One of the most popular Italian writers of our time has a mysterious identity. Even the gender hasn't been disclosed yet. She or he writes under the pseudonym of Elena Ferrante. The only thing we know about her is that she was born in Naples, the city where most of her stories are set. Her last book "The Story of the Lost Child" has been shortlisted for the Man Booker International prize. The book is the fourth and final instalment of a story of lifelong friendship in Naples. Nobel Prize winner Orhan Pamuk is one of the other candidates for the prize. The first of the "Neapolitan Novels", was published in Italy in 2011 and was acclaimed worldwide selling over 1 million copies.


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Beware you could be fined for giving money to beggars

In the Italian town of Bordighera (Liguria) you can be fined if caught giving money to street beggars. According to the city's mayor, Giacomo Pallanca beggars can't be fined because they will never be able to pay and so the only way to stop this practice was to fine the people who give them money. The new rule has been introduced with the beginning of the tourist season, which usually starts around the Easter weekend. The regulation is also aimed at preventing the organised crime working behind this phenomenon and to encourage the poor to seek help from the social services available


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Scotch corner in Piedmonte

Fancy a Scottish corner in Italy? An Italian village, Gurro, in the Italian region of Piedmont is populated by the descendants of Scottish mercenary soldiers. Bagpipes, kilts and a particular dialect can still be found among its 200 inhabitants. Even though the kilt tradition never really caught on among men, the Scottish origins are clearly shown by some of the inhabitants' surnames, such as Gibi, Pattriti and Donaldi, Italianised forms of Gibbs, Fitzpatrick and MacDonald.


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Narcotics trafficking bigger business than Fiat?

According to the anti-mafia prosecutors office Italian mobsters make as much money trafficking narcotics in Italy as Fiat does selling cars. The narcotics trade earns more than 32 billion euros annually from the drug trade. The report related only to Fiat earnings in Italy not considering the wider Fiat Chrysler group worldwide. The annual report by the anti-mafia prosecutor's office said that it was as if the main national car maker together with its suppliers, service providers and dealers paid all their salaries and suppliers, and produced everything completely off the books and without any regulation, and then sold and reinvested everything without paying any taxes.


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Casata Prime Donne Vineyard - women in wine

The Italian vineyard industry is traditionally dominated by men but things are changing even in this area of Italian worldwide prestige. There is a vineyard in Tuscany named “Il Casato Prime Donne winery” which employs only women and is run entirely by them. In Tuscany winemaking has traditionally been a male job, partly due to the physical demands of operating a vineyard. When “Prime Donne” opened they did not face strong opposition, but it certainly forced people to consider the gender imbalance.


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Milan Fashion Week 2017

Milan fashion week presented the autumn-winter collections of 2016/17. Dolce & Gabbana's collection wasn't inspired by Sicily, as usual, but took inspiration from fairy-tales. There were clothes which make one think of Cinderella and snow white and velvet jackets and golden details which seemed to be taken from the Nutcracker ballet. There were also many crystals and flowers applied on suits and coats. Roberto Serafini designed for Phylosophy long cloths with a lot of delicate lace and blouses worn with trousers in patent leather. The brand is also famous for knitted garments. The lines are reminiscent of the Thirties, with mixed combinations and a taste rather daring of Milan eighties.


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66th San Remo Music Festival Winners

The 66th annual Sanremo Music Festival has proclaimed its winners. The television song contest held every year at the Teatro Ariston in Sanremo (Liguria) was presented by Carlo Conti, who hosted the show, together with Madalina Diana Ghenea and Gabriel Garko. The winning song for the Big Artists section, including 20 established artists competing with a song each, was “Un giorno mi dirai” peformed by Stadio while the newcomers' section was won by “Amen” performed by Francesco Gabbani.


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