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Charlie Hebdo's Amatrice disaster furore

Do you remember the slogan “Je suis Charlie” which was posted everywhere on social media after the terrorist attack to Charlie Hebdo magazine in 2014? After one of the latest Charlie Hebdo's cartoons entitled “Earthquake Italian style” many Italians wrote on their Facebook pages “Non siamo più Charlie” (we are not Charlie any-more). Many people felt offended and strongly criticised the Charlie Hebdo's cartoon satirising Amatrice's earthquake victims. Nearly 300 people died in the August’s earthquake in the central Apennines Mountain region of Italy, and the town of Amatrice was one of the hardest hit.


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Saving Amatrice's cultural heritage

The August earthquake in central Italy killed 297 people and caused from four to five million Euros of damage. After the rescue operations of the population the efforts are now concentrated on also saving the area’s cultural heritage. The Lazio region, one of the country’s most seismically active regions is home to picturesque villages with medieval churches and priceless artworks. Only in Amatrice, where there was the worst damage and heaviest loss of lives there were 100 churches. The rebuilding will take 15 to 20 years and by that time perhaps no one will want to return for fear of another earthquake.


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Former President Carlo Azeglio Ciampi RIP

Italy’s former president Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, a predominant figure in Italian politics, passed away after a long illness at 95 years of age. His long list of public offices included premier, central-bank governor, president from 1999 to 2006 and senator for life. Carlo Azeglio Ciampi was born in Livorno. He graduated in ancient Greek literature and classical philology in 1941 from the Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa, one of the country's most prestigious universities. During the war he was called to military duty in Albania as a lieutenant. On 8 September 1943, on the date of the armistice with the Allies, he refused to remain in the Fascist Italian Social Republic, and took refuge in Abruzzo, in Scanno. He eventually managed to pass the lines and reach Bari, where he joined the Italian resistance movement.


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Italy Number 1 for Unesco

Is beauty a gift or a curse? Italy has too much beauty, too difficult to preserve, and for 2016 it has not put forward any candidates for the Unesco World Heritage shortlist. Italy has already 51 Unesco World Heritage sites, more than its nearest rivals China (48), Spain (44) and France (41). Francesco Bernabè, President of Italy's Unesco Commission, told “La Repubblica” that a decision was made not to put anything forward this year, because Italy is way out in front when it comes to the number of sites each country possesses and there needs to be more balance between nations.


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Tourism boost for Italy due to fear of terrorist attacks elsewhere

British families switched from previously very popular destinations, such as Egypt, Tunisia and Turkey to safer hot spots in Europe, mainly Portugal, Spain and Italy, because of the fear of terrorist attacks. The European “safer” destinations might cost tourists up to 20% more. This might be due to the fact that the surge in demand met an insufficient number of hotels, apartments and villas.


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Giorgio Albertazzi RIP

The Italian theatre actor and director Giorgio Albertazzi died at 92 years of age. He starred in more than 40 films including “L'Année dernière à Marienbad” by Alain Rasnais and in more than 20 Italian TV dramas, such as “Crime and punishment”, “The idiot” and “Dottor Jekyll and Mr Hyde”, but he was mainly known for his theatrical interpretations.


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Festival Italia at Brands Hatch in August

On Sunday 14 August “Festival Italia” will be hosted by Brands Hatch, One of the world's most iconic sporting venues playing host to a multitude of prestigious motor-sport events on both two and four wheels. Themed racing, demonstrations, displays and plenty of Tricolore-infused off-track attractions are going to celebrate the technical prestige and beauty of Italian cars


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1 Billion Euros Investment in Italian Cultural Heritage

The Italian government is going to spend one billion euros on its often neglected cultural heritage as foreseen by the “Piano Strategico Turismo e Cultura”. The cultural minister Dario Franceschini pointed out that this is the biggest investment on the Italian cultural heritage since Italy's unification. It isn't the first time that promises have been made about financing Italy’s cultural heritage, but this time Dario Franceschini reassured the population that the restoration works will start immediately because they have already been deliberated and financed.


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Bandiera Blue 2016 - the movers

More flags for Italy in 2016! Bandiera blu, “The blue flag” assigned to sea localities and tourists resorts by the “Foundation for Environmental education” rewarded Italy once more. Five more flags than last year have been assigned to Italy and a total number of 293 resorts have been awarded with the blue flag.


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55th Milan Furniture Fair Review

Milan Design Week displayed a playful mood. After years of safe market-friendly launches by manufacturers the style this year was decidedly more up-to-date and playful. Beige, generic designs have been around for too long and people want something different. Lines were curved, generous and feminine, the pieces combine timeless materials (bronze, wood, ceramics) with leather and velvet upholstery in elegant pastel colours and only two of the designs used right angles. There was a return to glamour and femininity with voluptuous shapes and bold patterns. Also to be seen was lacquered furniture, richly patterned tiles, fabrics and carpets


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