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Ruffini’s Risorgimento

In Italy, the names of Garibaldi and Mazzini appear everywhere these days, from newspapers to TV shows. We all know what these two men meant for the Risorgimento and we are all grateful for their incredible effort to bring Italians together and make one country out of many. But there are other patriots who gave an important contribution to the creation of the Italia unita. Few know about them, but their story is worth telling nonetheless. This year marks the 150th anniversary of the cration of the Kingdom of Italy, but it also marks the 130th anniversary of the death of patriot Giovanni Ruffini, a writer whose book, Doctor Antonio, published in Edinburgh in 1855, helped to secure the support of Britain to the idea of Italy as a unified nation.


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How Green Was My Valle

Mention small hilltop towns, local cafés and ice-cream parlours, and you might be forgiven for thinking of the undulating expanses of Tuscany, rather than the erstwhile mining settlements of the South Wales valleys. Nevertheless, caffè and gelato have been a staple of daily life in the likes of Aberdare, Pontypridd and Treorchy for over a century.


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Welsh Italians

With more than 40,000 Italians of first, second and third generations, Wales has got one of the largest Italian community in the UK. Today it is almost impossible not to spot an Italian café in the valleys of South Wales or in the cold North Wales; they are called the Bracchis after one of the first family who came from the North of Italy searching for jobs and new opportunities. The Bracchi came from Bardi, a little town in the mountains of North West Italy.


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The Anglo-Italian Community of Bedford

Bedford’s Italian community represents the largest concentration of Italian families in the UK: 14,000 people from a total population of around 100,000. According to a 2001 census almost 30% of the town’s population are of at least partial Italian descent. The community is extremely lively and every year celebrates its Italian origin with the “Italian Festival”, a colourful not to be missed event for all the Anglo-Italians.


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Giuseppe Canini - From The Ciocaria to London

The journey of an itinerant musician, Giuseppe Nicola Canini and his wife Maria Rosa Cirefice in the 19th century from the Ciocaria to London


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St Peter's Italian club's 50th anniversary party

St Peter's Italian Club celebrated it's golden jubilee on Saturday, 22 January 2011, with a dinner attended by 600 members and former members, at the Royal National hotel in Russell Square. It has been 50 years since Vic Heissl and a group of Italians and Anglo-Italians, converted church rooms and assembled a youth club where Italians and friends of Italians could meet as a community.


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Catania stages an annual St Agatha festival on the 5th February.Agatha is the patron saint of singletons


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Ghouls galore at AC Finchley Social and Fundraising event

Villa Scalabrini at Shenley was transformed for the night from a peaceful home for the aged to a spook-takular setting for AC Finchley’s Halloween Fundraising Event.


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A Very Special Week End

This year a current Emigrante XI selection flew back to fantastic hospitality arranged by Sig. Giovanni Viazzani and the mayor of Bardi Sig. Giuseppe Conti and also Sig.Francesco Platoni, President of The Association Pellegrinesi London. The players this time were accompanied by parents, wags and friends who were the catalyst to create a festival atmosphere throughout the short but memorable stay for the team.


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The Italian procession and SAGRA 2010

A sunny July 18th saw thousands line the streets around St Peters for the annual procession and Sagra.


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