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Focus On Bardi

Climb every mountain in Bardi Surrounded by forests, farmland and lush countryside, its small wonder that many of Bardi’s residents found comfort when they relocated to South Wales. Yet, Bardi is a picturesque rural town in it’s own right and the imposing, majestic Landi Castle built on the cliff top dominates the landscape. Photo by Sandro Bedessi Copyright Fototeca ENIT


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Focus on Tricolore Theatre

Learning Italian can be fun! For all the bilingual children trying to learn Italian there is a professional theatre company based in London dedicated to the promotion of international culture, literature and language. Many are the activities of the theatre: bilingual plays, poetry evenings, storytelling for children , murder mysteries “all'Italiana” and Tricolore orators and presenters in English and Italian. Backhillonline met Nadia Ostacchini, Artistic Director of the “Tricolore Theatre Company”


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"Ma che storia!"

27th July is the date for the screening of "Ma che storia!" a documentary by Gianfranco Pannone on Italian unification - venue The Italian Cultural Institute.


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Venice to London: Quayola, Strata Series 2007-2011

Celebrating 150 years of Italian unification the Italian Cultural Institute exhibits work from roman artist Quayola.


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Ponte della musica: an anglo-Italian connection in Rome

An anglo-Italian construction, “Il ponte della musica” has been inaugurated in Rome. The bridge, the poetic name of which means “The bridge of music”, is the result of an 11-year partnership between Buro Happold‘s Chief Bridge Engineer, Davood Liaghat and London-based architect Kit Powell-Williams working with Rome-based engineering firm C. Lotti e Associati.


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Remo Besagni

Beloved husband of June, dearly loved father of Elisa, adored by granddaughter Eloise and much loved by his brothers and sisters, Remo will be sadly missed by all his family and friends. Remo, a highly talented footballer, was the pride of the Italian community in London and his relations in Terruzzi and Vernasca, when Crystal Palace Football Club signed him as a professional footballer in 1952. A local boy making good!


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Parmigiani Valtaro association celebrated the 150 years of Italian unification

Parmigiani Valtaro association, marking 150 years of Italian unification, celebrated the 36th edition of their famous annual dinner dance in the sumptuous Grange St. Pauls Hotel. The party included many guests, some who came over from Italy for this special occasion, a silent auction, rising funds for APV (Associazione Parmigiani Valtaro), music and the special cuisine of the chef Carluccio, in a happy and friendly atmosphere a few steps from St. Paul cathedral. Backhillonline met Piero Nanis, president of the Parmigiani Valtaro association.


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Play Groups for very young Anglo Italians

Like many Anglo-Italians it wasn’t until I had children that I realised how important it was for me that they learn Italian and know Italian culture. For a lot of mezza Italiana families contact with the language and culture is mostly restricted to visits from grandparents or holidays to Italy. And while it’s normal for first generation Italians to gravitate to each other, for many second generation Italians the opportunities to speak the language just aren’t there. The same applies when one parent is Italian and the other English. Playgroups often provide the answer.


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Backhill spotlight on Abruzzo

Nowhere says Italy like Abruzzo. And its easy to feel like you’ve been transported through time as you travel through beautiful towns perched on top of hills, castles nestled above steep winding roads not to mention, abandoned villages and seascapes that take your breath away.


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The Italian cultural association “Il circolo”

The cultural association “Il circolo” promotes Italian culture in the UK through a wide range of activities and also donations, providing scholarships for students who seek to further their education in the field of Italian and related studies. Backhillonline met Marina Fazzari, the president of the UK registered charity based in London, “Il circolo”.


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