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Backhill spotlight on Abruzzo

Nowhere says Italy like Abruzzo. And its easy to feel like you’ve been transported through time as you travel through beautiful towns perched on top of hills, castles nestled above steep winding roads not to mention, abandoned villages and seascapes that take your breath away.


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The Italian cultural association “Il circolo”

The cultural association “Il circolo” promotes Italian culture in the UK through a wide range of activities and also donations, providing scholarships for students who seek to further their education in the field of Italian and related studies. Backhillonline met Marina Fazzari, the president of the UK registered charity based in London, “Il circolo”.


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I Federalisti Italiani da Carlo Cattaneo al nuovo titolo 5 della Costituzione

“I Federalisti Italiani da Carlo Cattaneo al nuovo titolo 5 della Costituzione” at the Italian Cultural Institute” As part of the events commemorating the 150 years of Italian unification, the Italian cultural Institute has organized a conference concerning the Italian and British constitution from a federalist point of view.


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Zina Proietti Finchley Italians

Backhill catches up with Zina Proietti, coordinator of "La Dolce Vita", Finchley Italian social club


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Michael Anthony Polledri MBE

The second in our series of Anglo Italians whose services have been recognised in the Queen's Birthday Honours list features Michael Polledri MBE


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Italian food habits at Milan’s “Tuttofood”

Italians have changed! This can easily be seen by walking through any Italian city, and so have their eating habits (the flourishing of Sushi Bars on every corner of the “Bel Paese” is evidence of the beginning of a change in tastes). Italians are increasingly more willing to experiment but always more attentive, when possible, to the quality of food. Among the reasons of the changes in food habits there is the need to eat out every day during the lunch time break and also aggressive marketing strategies of big food chains. In spite of this, the young generations, especially those who have grown up with international food and drink, are rediscovering traditional foods.


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Italian Investment in UK

Despite the Government’s decision to raise the VAT to 20% and the uncertain economic situation of the island, the UK is still an attractive prospect and London continues to be strong financial centre, as the Italian presence demonstrates. The top three investment regions sorted by number of investments are Lombardy, Emilia Romagna and Veneto. Lombardy in particular, sees a 3.1% increment in the UK percentage share of total turnover generated by its companies.


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Kate Middleton's love of Italy

For the last year the media has been obsessively talking about the wedding of prince William and Kate, but maybe not everyone knows that (as reported by the Daily Telegraph) Kate Middleton spent three months at the British Institute in Florence in 2000 to study Italian art and the Italian language. In 2000 Kate Middleton took three months of Italian lessons (three hours a day, Monday to Friday) in The British Institute, located in “Palazzo dello Strozzino”, in Piazza Strozzi (Florence).


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Italian Bookshop Event

Getting closer to the Italian bookshop one might have heard Italian spoken on the road, because people were chatting and drinking outdoors, in front of the Italian bookshop which was hosting an “aperitivo” for the Italian editors and writers in perfect Italian style: salami, different kinds of bread, cheese, wine and prosecco. The two floors of the book shop, inaugurated in 1994, were full of people. Editors, journalists and writers gathered together to celebrate this edition of the London book fair and the 150 years of the Italian unification


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Italians of London

Backhill meets Giancarlo Pelati President of Italians of London which is the largest network of Italians in London with over 12,000 members.


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