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Focus on Casciana in Garfagnana

Casciana is a small medieval village in the Garfagnana area, in the province of Lucca. The villages of Garfagnana are typical of northern Tuscany: characterised by castles, rocks, old churches and untouched nature. Historically, the region was conquered by the Malaspina family, then the Estensi family, and it was then part of the republic of Lucca and Florence. The oldest part of the town is made up of a few houses grouped around San Tommaso Apostolo church, which is the central point of the village as it was in the medieval era. The Garfagnana region is now home of many products:


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Pellicci’s café-restaurant in Bethnal Green

A real genuine family business, Pellicci’s café-restaurant is a slice of East-End history. Giulia Lombardo met Nevio Pellicci in his restaurant. The cosy restaurant’s hall with its formica tables was full of British costumers, having their English breakfast. On the wall there is a statement for a golden medal awarded to Nevio’s father, also called Nevio, from the council of Lucca, for his merits abroad. “My grandma, Elide was born here in London but then, her parents took her back to Tuscany, where they came from. Once married, Elide came back and established the restaurant with my grandpa, Priamo”, Nevio tells me.


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The Amalfi Coast and Minori

Giulia Lombardo writes about the Amalfi Coast, one of the Unesco World Heritage sites for its undisputed beauty and natural enchanting landscape. Blessed with the Mediterranean climate, the Amalfi coast is a very heterogeneous mix of traditions and landscapes. There are thirteen towns located along a stretch of road ripped from the bare rock, each of them possessing their own unique character and charm.


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Tracing Margherita Mazzullo and Antonio Zimmaro

BackhillOnline has recently received two enquiries from people trying to find information on or make contact with relatives. Can you help?


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Clerkenwell Delis - Veneticus

Following on from our feature on Gazzano's Backhill catches up with a recent addition - Veneticus Italian delicatessen.


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Clerkenwell Italian Delis - Gazzano's

Backhill catches up with the long established Gazzano’s Italian delicatessen


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Pellegrino Castle

As most castles are surrounded by mysteries and probably haunted, the castle of Pellegrino Parmense follows this tradition. Thanks to a recent restoration by entrepreneurs the castle is now back to its old glory and it can be visited by appointment. Several rooms of the castle now have also antique furniture. The castle of Pellegrino Parmense, 50 km from Parma, has a very long and complicated history.


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Passione funghi e tartufi

They are wrapped in a mist of secrets. Looking for them is like going on a treasure hunt and those who know where they grow will never give you any hint, or precious information, on how to find them! They are porcini mushrooms and truffles. Delicious, expensive and hard to find, these fungi species can lead to a real passion. Maybe this happens because of their secrete locations which make the people who know them feel to be part of a mysterious cult or because looking for them means long walks in beautiful uncontaminated nature.


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Learning Italian - BBC La Mappa Misteriosa

If you want to learn Italian why don’t you go on the BBC languages section online and be the viewers in the Italian learning drama “La Mappa Misteriosa”. You’ll be the protagonist of a mystery adventure through the Emila Romagna region. In the first episode you’ll be given a map which will lead you to an exciting journey through the wonders of Italy. While learning Italian you’ll uncover a family secret and some delicious regional specialities. The programme is made up of 12 short episodes, which in total make up 85min. In the interactive version the learner, who’s been part of the story all the way through, has to decide the final outcome.


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Venuto al mondo

First shooting of “Venuto al mondo” (Twice Born) The shooting of “Venuto al mondo”, translated in English as “Twice born”, the new film by the famous Italian actor and director Sergio Castellitto has started a few days ago in Sarajevo. The movie is based on the homonymous best seller by Margaret Mazantini (Sergio Castellitto’s wife), winner of the famous Premio Campiello 2009.


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