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Cheaper in Italy?

Mini Cooper Coupe, Clarks shoes, Cotton Traders and De Cecco pasta are some of the brands and products investigated by Giulia Lombardo as she seeks to establish price differentials between England and Italy.


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Lamb or Kid Goat for Easter lunch?

Agnello or Capretto for Easter? This is like asking in the 70’s if you preferred the Beatles or Rolling Stones! Italians are strongly opinionated in terms of food so there’ s no messing about when it comes to traditional festivity menus. For the main course of the Ester menu you’ll get two different schools of thought. On one hand those who advocate for the superiority of the taste of Agnello (lamb) and on the other hand the supporters of Capretto (kid goat).


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“Natale con I tuoi, pasqua con chi vuoi!”

“Natale con I tuoi, pasqua con chi vuoi!” (Christmas with the family, Easter with whoever you like). This year 18 million Italians (7.2 million families) will go on holyday during the Easter weekend. That means 30% of the population (34% last year) while 53% will stay at home and 17% are undecided. According to the survey of “Confesercenti” only 24% will go to hotels, touristic villages, camping, while the majority will visit relatives and friends or they will go to their own holiday house (22%). Many others will try to save money with bed&breakfasts (10%), ”agriturismi” (10%) or a rented house (5%). According to “Confesercenti”, Italians will spend 9,7 billion euro, about 500 Euro on average for a 3 days holiday. 78% of the interviewed won’t spend more than 750 euro but 8% are going to spend at least 1.500 euro.


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How Motor Insurance in Italy differs from the UK

The good news is that you can drive a relative’s or a friend’s car in Italy without being named on the insurance contract yourself. As a matter of fact, in Italy the owner of a vehicle is obliged to stipulate a contract with an insurance company in order to cover the so called “Resonsabilità Civile Auto”. The RCA provides coverage for damage caused to other property or people while using a vehicle. The coverage is guaranteed even when the car is driven by other than the owner or the person who signed the contract. Also in the UK The Road Traffic Act requires all motorists to be insured against their liability for injuries to others (including passengers) and for damage to other people’s property, but, unlike in Italy, the policy might only cover driving by specified people. So for example in Italy all the members of a family and their friends with a driving licence can drive a family’s car, while in the UK this is only possible if the drivers are insured themselves.


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UK Drivers In Italy

If you are planning a holiday in Italy and you think you’ll need your car or your motorbike there, don’t worry because you can use your Great Britain licence for driving in other European Countries. However, while the minimum age for driving a car in Great Britain is 17, individual member states may apply their own age restrictions for entitlements. Anyway from 2013 a single European driving licence should replace the 110 different models currently in use through the European union. At the present time, all valid UK driving licences should be accepted in Italy and you won’t need an international driving permit (IDP), a formal document issued by the Automobile Association (The AA) and Royal Automobile Club (RAC) to visitors to other countries. This document translates details of a driving licence into several languages, to make them understandable for foreign authorities. In any case If you’ve got an old-style all-green the local authorities might not understand them, so either get them up-dated or take an International Driving Permit as well.


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San Remo Festival

Love it or hate it, the San Remo festival is an Italian TV Cult. Giglioloa Cinquetti, Andrea Bolicelli, Eros Ramazzotti and many others have launched their careers at the San Remo Festival


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According to the saying “A Carnevale ogni scherzo vale”, “everything goes at Carnival time”, nobody could have ever imagined the polar temperatures that paralyzed Italy in the last two weeks. Even though the cold put almost at risk the celebrations for the Carnival, at Viareggio, where one of the most popular Italian Carnivals is celebrated, 50 thousand people participated at the unique spectacle of the papier-mâché floats, which can reach 30 meters in height. If you missed the beginning, don’t worry because the events at Viareggio, and in many other parts of Italy will continue on the 19th, the 21st, the 26th of February and on the 3rd of March.


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"Lavoratori atipici" - the jungle of temporary workers

Conroversy rages following a comment of the Prime Minister Mario Monti about how boring a permanent job position can be. Even though the intention of the prime minister was to encourage young people to embrace a new job market, in a country where 30% of the younger generation is unemployed, his words couldn’t just be passed unnoticed. Unemployment and the instability due to temporary work are in fact at the moment major problems for Italy.


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The Community needs you!

One of the main values of a community is mutual help! Sharing knowledge for cultural and practical purposes it’s not just useful in itself but it also helps to keep the community’s identity alive. “Backhillonline”, the online magazine of the Anglo-Italian community would like to invite you to share your knowledge and life experiences with us! Can you help with 2 recent enquiries trying to trace people and seeking historical information?


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Body Language Italian Style

Can you spot an Italian purely on body language? A nice video on Italian gestures can be found at this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0n4Vw6twKo or for a more comprehensive list of gestures http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHZwYObN264 Giulia Lombardo explains


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