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Canale 5 in prank furore

Italian media are more often attracting criticism from the public. This might be due to an increased awareness of sexism and violence towards women, a much discussed problem in the last years. This time the centre of polemics was a “prank” shown on an Italian talent show, which caused the indignation of many people and the reaction of an organisation campaigning against sexual violence. The organisation called for Italy's politicians to introduce comprehensive ethical guidelines for media.


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Blue Wine Anyone?

Blue wine? Why not? A mix of Curacao (a liqueur flavoured with the dried peel of the Iarha citrus fruit, grown on the island of Curaçao), peach and prosecco may be sold in the next months in Italy. The reaction of wine purists was harsh as they said it was an insult to national tradition.


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Report says 21% of Italian Women are victims of abuse

According to Istat, the Italian statistics bureau, twenty-one percent of Italian women (more than 4.5 million) have been victims of abuses including degrading and humiliating sexual acts, unwanted relationships, violence, abuse or serious physical harassment such as rape or attempted rape. More than one million have been victims of the most severe crimes: 653,000 women were raped, while 746,000 have suffered attempted rape. In 13.6 percent of the cases, the perpetrators of gender violence on women between the ages of 16 and 70 are partners and former partners. About a third of the female population have suffered a form of physical or sexual violence in their lives.


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Wine Slavery in Italy?

Italian wine comes at a price! After a grape picker’s death in Apulia, more than 40,000 women were discovered working in vineyards in conditions that have been described as “modern slavery”. Italian and immigrant women were preferred to men because of their small and quicker hands.


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Italy leads Europe in renewable energy

Italy is leader in Europe when it comes to renewable energy and solar power in particular. Every town in Italy can boast at least one source of renewable energy. According to data published by Eurostat, the EU's statistical office over 17 percent of Italian energy comes from renewable sources. This proportion places Italy 13th out of the 28 member states. By the end of 2015 Italy was already ahead of its target for 2020. Together with Italy also Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania, Hungary, Romania, Finland, and Sweden have already reached their targets.


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New law aimed at tackling Italian poverty

A new law aimed at tackling poverty, with a particular focus on assisting families with young children will come into force in the next few weeks, having already received approval from the Italian Senate. The Italian government has allocated €1.6 billion to the project in 2017, which will be distributed among those in need. Funds are supposed to rise to €2 billion in 2018, taking into account EU contributions.


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Milan Fashion Week Winter Autumn 2017

Milan fashion week has just presented its Winter-Autumn collection. Let’s have a look at next year’s must-haves. First of all, even if you don’t have long model thighs you’ll be wearing “Cuissardes” thigh-high boots in velvet and leather. Everyone will also be dressed in extralong dressing gown coats in black, grey, camel or red, as they were proposed by Max Mara, or in paisley and embellished with fur. In alternative, there will be hood capes with precious embroidery as they were presented by Alberta Ferretti. However, oversize duvet jackets will be the big protagonists of next winter. Red will be the dominant colour for day and night clothing and accessories. On the catwalk, red was used as total look for Fendi and Max Mara or just as a hint for Emporio Armani. Be ready for shoulder pads as they are making a comeback from the 80’s. Velvet will be used not only for elegant suits and party dresses but also for daily sporty clothes. Clothing and accessories will be sparkling and glittering due to materials with metal reflex and crystal applications. T-shirts, sweaters, duvet jackets and coats will have writing on. We’ll see also oversize sleeves enriched with decorations and velvet turbans with floral prints and lurex strings.


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Earthquake damage estimated in excess of 23 billion euros

The seismic sequence that from the 24th of August to the 18th of January hit central Italy caused damage for 23.5 billion 530 million euro. The figure includes both the real structural damage and the cost to face the emergency. 12.9 billion of this amount refer to damage relating to private buildings and € 1.1 billion to public buildings. The complete file relating to the assessment of damage and the cost related to the earthquake in Umbria, Marche, Lazio and Abruzzo was sent by the Department of Civil Protection to Brussels for the activation of the EU Solidarity Fund. The estimates also consider the additions coming from the Regions after the shake of the 18th of January.


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Olive Oil Price to rocket

Olive oil is expected to become more expensive for Brits. The liquid gold of the Mediterranean diet is going to shoot up by 20 percent. 2017 will be a very bad year for olive oil. This will be the second of two consecutive years of poor harvest for Spain and Italy, the two main olive oil producers.


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Prosecco producing Valtelina to be a UNESCO site?

The area of the terrace vine-yards of the Valtellina where Prosecco is produced is being proposed to be listed in the UNESCO world heritage sites. The terraced vineyards of Valtellina represent a unique and exceptional case in the so called “heroic wine-growing", that is wine-growing on the mountain sides. More than 2,500 km of dry stone walls circumscribe the largest extension of terraced vineyards in Europe, which represents a living ecological museum.


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