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Over 2.500 Exhibitors at Salone Internazionale del Mobile

The 52nd edition of the “Salone del Mobile” in Milan closed with an extremely positive result, with the over 2,500 Italian and foreign exhibitors at the “Salone Internazionale del Mobile”, the International Furnishing Accessories Exhibition, “SaloneSatellite” and the “biennial Euroluce” / International Lighting Exhibition and “SaloneUfficio”. There was a major influx of visitors from all over the world: Asian, U.S., South American and African countries, and strong interest from countries within the Russian area.


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Enzo Jannacci passed away

Italy has lost one of the most important artists of the post-war Italian music scene, Enzo Jannacci. The Italian Singer-song writer, actor and stand-up comedian died on the 29th of March in a clinic in Milan at the age of 77 after fighting cancer for many years. A multitalented man, a cardiologist in his day job and at the same time, an artist, Jannacci is considered one of the founders of Italian rock and roll music along with Adriano Celentano, Luigi Tenco and Giorgio Gaber, at that time just a schoolmate from high school, with whom he was destined to collaborated for over forty years. Jannacci has written about thirty albums and soundtracks, some of which are now considered Italian popular music mile-stones.


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Cycling more, going out less, deserted shops

Cycling more, going out less, deserted shops… Italian habits are gradually changing because of financial hardship. More than one family out of two are not as economically stable as they were before. An increasing number of people are forced to use their savings to arrive at the end of the month and the number of people selling their gold has tripled.


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Boom in cycling in Rome

Going around Rome every Roman might have noticed a boom of cyclists in the city. As a matter of fact 170 thousand people cycle (habitually, at least 5 times per week) in the capital. It is an extremely surprising data as the number has doubled in just one year.


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Milan 2013 Fashion Week

Milan fashion week has just concluded. From the 20th to the 26th of February, the 126 new Autumn/Winter collections have been presented to the public in the 5 fashion hubs set up in the centre of Milan, Palazzo Giureconsulti, Palazzo Clerici, Castello Sforzesco and in the ancient Palazzo della Ragione.


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State aid for the elderly in Italy

In Italy State aid for the care for the elderly is supplied by the Government and by local administrations. One of the services available is the home care service, which can include basic nursing or rehabilitation services or more complex medical needs. Welfare benefits are also available for Italian citizens of at least 65 years of age, regardless of their tax contribution in the previous years. If they don’t have any income, or have an income of less than the limits established by law. For the year 2012, this limit is € 5,577.00 per year, increased to € 11,154.00 for married people.


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Terremoti in Italia

In 2500 years, Italy has been affected by more than 30,000 earthquakes of medium and high intensity (higher than the 4-5 on the Mercalli scale) and about 560 earthquakes of intensity greater than or equal to 8 on the Mercalli scale (an average of one every four and a half years). Only in the twentieth century, as many as 7 earthquakes had a magnitude equal to or greater than 6.5 (with effects ranging between the tenth and eleventh grade Mercalli). The highest seismicity is concentrated in the south central part of the peninsula - along the Apennines (Val di Magra, Mugello, the Tiber Valley, Val Nerina, Aquilano, Fucino, Liri Valley, Benevento, Irpinia) - in Calabria and Sicily, and in some northern areas, including the Friuli, the Veneto and Liguria west. Only Sardinia is not particularly affected by earthquakes.


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Pompei Renovation update

The “grande progetto Pompei” came to life. The first two construction sites were opened in February. The project aims to requalificate the archaeological site of Pompei by the end of 2015. 105 million Euros have been allocated by the EU, “Fesr” (Fondo Europeo per lo Sviluppo Regionale) and the Italian Government, to restore one of the biggest open- air museums of the world. There are two interventions foreseen for the project Pompei of 105 million Euros, of which 42 million is to be paid by Brussels and the rest divided between the Italian Government and the Campania region.


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Italian Cultural Heritage at Risk

Italian cultural heritage is at risk for various factors, from thieves to neglect and lack of investments. The international public opinion was recently shaken by the Girolamini library scandal. Thousands of rare and antique books last year were discovered to have disappeared from the 16th century Girolamini library complex in Naples. The case arose last year when a visiting art historian Tommaso Montanari pointed out the chaos in the way of cataloguing the books and keeping them. When the prosecutors investigated, the former director of the library Massimo Marino de Caro was arrested for the illegal selling of the precious books in Italy and abroad.


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Arandora Star Tragedy remembered in London, Scotland, Wales and Italy

The sinking of Arandora Star represents the biggest tragedy of the Italian community in the UK. Among the 841 victims, 446 were Italians. Memorials have been erected in the last years in London, Scotland, Wales and Italy to commemorate their lives. The most recent memorial to be inaugurated was the London memorial at St. Peter’s church. As Victor Menozzi told us, “The Arandora Star London Memorial was a long overdue project in the current form of naming the London Italian victims. A group was formed via the Mazzini Garibaldi Club, consisting of Domenic Pini chairman, Peter Capella who designed the Memorial, myself, John Besagni, Sue and Osvaldo Antoniazzi, Peter Bertoncini and Kay Lorenzato.


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