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TheTen commandments of Italian Cooking

The first time I saw a child putting ketchup on the lasagna I had just taken out of the oven I couldn’t refrain myself from screaming “Noooo you can’t do this!” The mother of the poor creature apologised saying, “I’m sorry I know it but this is how he likes it”. After many years of tolerating outrageous bad cooking and imprudent misuse of Italian ingredients, some of the basic rules of Italian cooking have been put on paper.


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Italian Documentary Sacro wins Venice Film Festival

The Italian documentary Sacro GRA by Gianfranco Rosi won the 70th edition of the Venice film festival. For the first time the jury, this year headed by filmmaker Bernardo Bertolucci, handed the top Golden Lion prize to a documentary. The last Italian director to be assigned the prize was Gianni Amelio with “Così ridevano” in 1998. The documentary by Gianfranco Rosi tells the life stories of people dealing with the most extensive urban highway in Italy, the Grande Raccordo Anulare of Rome.


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Italians pay more for petrol

Cgia Mestre compared the prices of petrol and diesel in the European union countries. The result was that the price of petrol sold in Italy was the highest after the Netherlands. As for diesel, however, no one in the EU pays more than we do when they go to the petrol station. The reason is only one: taxes. Italian drivers pay on average 1,742 per litre while Dutch people pay 1,797 euro per litre. In Italy the price of fuel is heavily affected by taxes for a total of 1,030 euro per litre. Only in the Netherlands the taxes on fuel are higher than in Italy 1.059 per litre.


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Summer Sales Disappoint

The Summer sales have just begun but the outcome of the first week is not very encouraging. Costumers have already spent 15% less compared to the same period in 2012. The data is the result of a survey by Fismo-Confesercenti on a sample survey of retailers in some Italian cities. Considerable differences have been reported regarding the products and the locations, as for example the shops in tourist areas have sold more.


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Italians forced to cut down on quality

In times of economical recession people are forced to spend less. This time we talk about food, the Italian pride. The sad news is that Italians have spent this year more or less the same as last year but for lower quality products. In this way they managed to cope with austerity to the detriment of taste and health. According to Istat data more than 6 families out of 10 have cut on the quantity and quality of their food. The monthly expenditure remained substantially stable going from 477 Euros in 2012 to 468 Euros this year. The number of those who have reduced the quality and / or quantity of food purchased (from 53.6% in 2011 to 62.3 in 2012) grow this year and also the number of people who bought at discount stores has grown from 10.5% to 12.3%. The unusual fact is that the purchase of bread and cereals, meat, milk, cheese and eggs, has been reduced compared with an increase in spending for drinks.


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The Church to pay tax

Under pressure from the European Union Monti’s Government modified the law on tax breaks for profit-making church-owned businesses like hospitals and hostels. Now that the Italian fiscal year has concluded it’s time to work out the new profits coming from the taxation of the church’s properties. The quarrel on whether the church should pay property tax or not is a very old one. It all changed when the European union classified as illegal state aid tax free properties of the Church in Italy. In order to avoid the heavy fine from the European union for the taxes not paid by the Church on commercial real estates, Monti modified the law and promised to cut taxes thanks to the money that would come from the Church. Even though Monti avoided making any prevision on the amount of money that would have come from the new property tax, the final figure was much lower than what had been anticipated.


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Big Brands Help Italy

Brands are not just labels, they can actually help you out! Strangely enough we are not talking about appearance, we talk about monument restoration, social support and preserving the Italian cultural heritage. Tod’s, Fendi, Prada, Trussardi and ONB (only the brave) are on the front line to revamp Italian economy. Obviously they’re not just disinterested heroes, because associating their names with the worldwide famous Italian monuments will give them an incomparable publicity.


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Harrods in Porto Cervo

What if on your holiday in Sardinia you miss Harrods? Although this is a very unlikely circumstance because the natural beauty of the region might divert the attention of even the most shopping obsessed people; the luxury department store, one of the world's largest and most famous, might make you feel at home. So, if you suddenly become a billionaire you know where to go for your holiday shopping. This time the company’s offers are temporarily presented in a completely new environment: Porto Cervo on the Costa Smeralda. The new boutique is in a Deluxe Village, a luxury-shopping development.


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Milking the system in Italy

In Italy some people are shrewder than others, but not in a good way. Dishonest acts, usually related to tax payment are quite frequent and usually honest taxpayers have to foot the bill. To prevent this the European commission has intervened in the case of the milk quota as dairy companies have exceeded EU milk production limits over a period of 15 years. The case concerns fines imposed on Italian dairies between 1995 and 2009 for exceeding strict annual EU production quota, fixed under the Common Agricultural Policy. The milk quota system was created to limit the overproduction of Milk in the EU. Every state has an established production limit. If that limit is exceeded a fine has to be paid.


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Ancient Roman cement the best?

Once built a building in ancient Rome you could forget about it. They were meant to last forever and most of them did. A stroll through Rome, the eternal city, is enough to appreciate the efforts of the human kind against the deterioration caused by time. Why have roman buildings lasted longer than the most recently built ones? The “secret” of the Roman cement durability has finally been discovered, as a team of researchers from Italy and the United States analysed a sample of concrete which dates back to 37 B.C. The sample was taken from a breakwater in Italy’s Pozzuoli Bay, at the northern tip of the Bay of Naples.


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