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Italian Army to try to stop dumping of toxic waste?

The Italian Government plans to send the army to stop the dumping of toxic waste between Naples and Caserta by Campania’s local criminal organization, the “Camorra”. The area where the Camorra used to set fire to the toxic waste has been nicknamed the “Land of Fires”. The soldiers will act on the border between Naples and Caserta as law enforcement officers. The contingent is set at a maximum of 850 units, plus four helicopters, at least until the end of 2014 but it might be extended for a further six months.


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Arnoldo Foa 24.1.16 to 11.1.14

Arnoldo Foà, great protagonist of the Italian culture of the 20th Century died in Rome at 97 years of age. Foà was a multitalented man who worked as an actor for the theatre, cinema and television, but also as a film director, a sculptor a painter and a poet. During his very long and prestigious career he collaborated with Orson Welles, “Toto” and Strehler.


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Looking for a school for your children in Italy?

Choosing the right school for your children might be very difficult. There are many aspects to be taken into account, for example which institutions are better equipped from a technological point of view or where there is a better relationship between the number of teachers and students. Now, “Italian Schools Navigator” can help you analyse the Italian school system, from kindergarten to the secondary level.


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Who has the biggest .... Christmas Tree?

The biggest Christmas tree in the world is a giant installation on Mount Ingino overlooking the city of Gubbio. The installation entered 22 years ago in the Guinness book of records. The tree is 450 meters long, 950 metres high and has more than 1.040 neon lamps connected to more than 19 kilometres of electric cables. There are 1.350 outlets and plugs to light 850 bulbs on the tree, and 190 on the comet which has an extent of one thousand square meters, and changes colour every 5 minutes.


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Sardegna Flood

Environmental disasters are becoming increasingly frequent. In the last few years we have become acquainted to tragic news regarding environmental disasters in Italy. According to the experts this might be due to climate changes caused by global warming and a disastrous building policy in the country. On the 18th of November Sardinia was hit by Cyclone Cleopatra and heavy rain, which caused a severe flood as rivers burst their banks, causing death and destruction in the surrounding areas. The flooding was caused by a deep area of low pressure that had been hovering over the Mediterranean, causing sustained heavy rain.


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Where do Italians buy their Christmas Gifts?

Where are Italians going to buy their Christmas gifts? 41% of Italians will buy them from shopping centres, 4% less than last year, while 21% of Italians, 5% more than last year, are going to buy them online. 21% will buy from small shops and flea markets. In time of difficulties Christmas markets are the ideal place where small cheap gifts can be found. There’s no shortage of these markets in Italy! In Valle d’Aosta at the Marché Vert Noël (Green Christmas Market) it’s possible to buy candles, Christmas decorations, handmade soaps, ceramics, wooden handicrafts and antique furniture, as well as clothing and accessories made from wool, felt, hemp and lace.


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Italian women - underpaid and undervalued?

Women work more than men for less money! Despite this being a general truth almost everywhere on the planet, in Italy the number of hours women work more than men is quite significant.


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The human cost of counterfeiting of Made in Italy Products

According to the Report “ Agromafie” 2013 elaborated by Eurispes and Coldiretti the counterfeiting of made in Italy food products has cost three hundred thousand jobs. However, this enormous damage could be absorbed with enforcement action at national and international levels. The report based on the data provided by the National Anti-mafia directorate estimates that 5 thousand local restaurants are in the hands of organized crime and that 15% of agricultural activities are illegal.


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Halloween Italian Style

Halloween’s popularity in Italy has grown in the last years, but just a few decades ago Halloween in Italy was just an American holiday, a sort of Carnival known by Italians through movies and McDonald’s. The real Italian festivity is All Saints Day (November 1st). The 2nd of November is the day dedicated to the remembrance of the dead by visiting cemeteries taking flowers and candles to dead relatives and friends.


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Castles and Islands for Sale in Italy state firesale?

Cash for castles, islands and villas. It is the last call for an Italian bargain! As a clear sign of a biting crisis, Italy is ready to put up for auction part of its heritage. Historic Italian sites will be sold off to fill Italian state coffers in order to obey to the EU austerity rules.


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