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Associazione Pellegrinesi Dinner Dance

Associazione Pellegrinesi Dinner Dance

Associazione Pellegrinesi gathered together for their annual dinner dance at the Bishop Douglass school hall, in Finchley, London. 352 people attended the event: a big dinner with dancing and the soundtrack of live music by “L’Idea”. The association also set up a fundraising lottery.

The “Squadra emigranti”, the association’s football team, together with some girls of the community, were serving at the table wearing their team’s light blue t-shirts. It was a pleasure to see young people helping their community and having fun at the same time.

But let’s start from the menu:

Prosciutto e melone

Farfalle alla pellegrinese

Vitella arrosto con vegetali

Torta aurora

Vino e caffè…

To know more about the Associazione Pellegrinesi we had a chat with Luigi Sidoli, a trustee of the association.

Why was the Association founded and when?

“There have been two big immigration waves from Pellegrino Parmense. The first one in 1890 and the other one between the two wars.

The Pellegrinese association was formed twenty- three years ago, with the aim to protect the environment and property interests of Italian immigrants living in the UK. Later the association took on the role of fund raising for various worthwhile projects in the Comune di Pellegrino”.

Can you tell me something more about the project you supported ?

One of the association’s first projects was to raise money for a private ambulance to assist the people of Pellegrino. The town now has three new ambulances and  funds have been raised to update the equipment on board.  We chose to support the ambulance service because it was a good service and it was in need of more facilities.

Proceeds from our last function were donated to this project as well as the Avis blood service, restoration fund for St. Peter’s Italian Church, Pellegrino Cycle club, the Pellegrino chair, and the church at Iggio”.

What is the “Squadra emigranti” ?

It’s our football team. They train at AC Finchley and since 2008 we took them to play in Pellegrino. One year they go there and the next year the Pellegrino team comes here to play. We believe that involving the new generations in the association is crucial, this is why one of the association’s aims is to help maintain a sense of community and culture amongst our children and grandchildren. We support the OGI and in the future we hope to assist in the funding of more sporting activities in our London community as well as in Pellegrino.

We have reached an agreement with “Casanova”, “Valceno” and “Valtara” to join together in the “Associazione Parmense” to hold a function for at least five hundred people at the Grosvenor hotel on the 25th February 2012. With this event we hope to raise enough funds to cover the OGI’s costs for the next year”.

Giulia Lombardo

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