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Associazione Parmense 2012 Dinner Dance


The great success of the dinner dance of the Associazione Parmense

On the 25th of February for the first time the Anglo-Italians originated from the province of Parma celebrated together their ancestors, their traditions, their culture, their motherland and their food.

The big dinner dance was held at “Grosvenor House Hotel” in Park Lane, one of the most prestigious hotels of the capital. It was the first fund raising event of the “Associazione Parmense”, which grouped together “Parmigiani Valtaro”, “Valceno”, “Casanova” and “Pellegrino” . The presidents of these associations: Piero Zanelli, Adriano Morini, Franco Lusardi and Francesco Platoni were all present at the function.

The dinner dance was a big success: 845 people attended, amongst them many distinguished guests such as, The Italian Ambassador Alain Giorgio Maria Economides and the President of the “Consulta Emiliano-Romagnoli nel mondo”, Silvia Bartolini; Giorgio Maioli, Ceo of Cariparma bank; Pierluigi Ferrari, vice-president province of Parma; the mayor of Borgotaro, Diego Rossi and the mayor of Pellegrino, Enrico Perroni.

Amongst the gadgets offered, the book of Sara Raffi Lusardi, “La cucina della tradizione in Valtaro e Valceno”. Many have been the prizes of the lottery and the raffle (the first prize was a fully equipped car).

The Choral Lyric Valtaro and the Paul Bettoli orchestra were much appreciated. The “Corale Lirica Valtaro”, directed by Emiliano Esposito, played also at the Sunday mass on the 26th at St. Peter’s church. The mass was celebrated by Padre Carmelo Di Giovanni and Don Angelo Busi of the parish of Borgotaro, before the farewell lunch.

The event was coordinated by Roberto Cardinali, “borgotarese” of London, who had been president of the “Association Parmigiani Valtaro” from 1983 to 1989 and, over the past 15 years, a member of the Regional Council for Emigration. Representative for the Italian part of the organization was the Vice president of the Province Pier Luigi Ferrari, with the collaboration of Joseph Costella, also a member of the Consulta.

The event was sponsored by “Cariparma - Crédit Agricole”. The money raised (still undisclosed) will go to charity.

An important and beautiful synergy has been created by the four associations from Parma. Let’ hope this will be just the first of many other successful events!

Giulia Lombardo

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