NEWS » Arturo Licata,111 is the world's oldest man.

Arturo Licata,111 is the world's oldest man.

The Italian Arturo Licata,111 years old from Enna (Sicily) is the world's oldest man.

The previous long living Guinness holder, Salustiano "Shorty" Sanchez, a one-time sugarcane worker born in Spain, has recently died at the age of 112 in New York state.

The world’s age record hasn’t been broken yet as the French Jeanne Louise Calment lived for 122 years, and 164 days. While according to the Gerontology Research Group The oldest woman living is the 115 years old Misao Okawa. 

Arturo Licata lives in Enna, and celebrated his birthday on May the 2nd, surrounded by children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, as Licata had seven children from his wife, Rosa Jannello who died in 1980.

Born in 1902, Licata worked for twenty years in the sulphur mines in Pasquasia, then he worked as a security guard, and also in the dispensary of Enna, where he used to accompany children suffering from tuberculosis to the hospital "Buccheri La Ferla," in Palermo.

Licata was also involved in the colonization of Ethiopia during the fascism and stayed for two years in Africa.

Self-taught musician, Licata learned to play the guitar as a young man and was often called by his friends to compose serenades to dedicate to women. He also cultivated an interest in poetry, participating in some competitions and receiving prizes. 

Licata is not the only over a hundred years of age person in Enna and its province, and this is due apparently to the fact that this territory is one of the less polluted in Sicily, and that the territory offers a wide range of healthy food products.

Nevertheless, as a Coldiretti research based on ISTAT data reported there are 3.6 million Italians who have passed the age of 80 and the over hundreds are 16,145 of which 80.8 percent females and 19.2 percent males. In the last ten years the average life in Italy has increased of 2.4 years for men and 1.7 years for women. And today Italians are among the longest living in the world with an average life span that has reached 79.4 years for men and 84.5 for women.

Apparently it is still the Mediterranean diet to be given credit, as also Licata told the press, he eats lots of vegetables and drinks a glass of red wine with his meals, while his favourite dish is pasta con la ricotta.   

Giulia Lombardo

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