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Amici di Gropparello Dinner Dance

Amici di Gropparello dinner dance, held on the 19th of October 2013 was a “splendid and Successful” event, as Marco Badini (president of the association) told us. All the profit will be donated to the Great Ormond Street Hospital and to the Stroke Unit and University college hospital.

The dinner dance is held every year on the penultimate Saturday of October. This year’s dinner dance was dedicated to Egidio Badini, founder of the association who unfortunately passed away this year on the 19th of August.

Amici di Gropparello is a charitable association. Over the years it has donated 10's of thousands of pounds to many causes including St Peters Italian church (where they hold out events), to the church in Gropparello, in the province of Piacenza, to various hospitals and children’s charities, and much more. All the profit the association has ever made has always been donated. 

Egidio Badini founded the association 27 years ago and was president for the first 12 years. The association was started to keep the spirit of the village of Gropparello alive, and to raise funds for the village and various charities and also "per stare meglio Insieme".

Marco Badini, son of Egidio has been president now for the past 13 or 14 years. As he told us, “ The sala was perfect with about 90 people present, creating a lovely atmosphere and yet leaving enough room to breathe and dance. I really enjoyed the evening and got lots of positive feedback, both on the night and the next morning at the Italian club.

The food was excellent from start to finish; I think we chose a good menu and the chefs Mauro and Pino really delivered. It's a shame that there was some food left over, however, my cats say thank you for the cotolette which they will be eating for the next week or so!  (I'll be eating tomatoes).

Marcello and his organ made a pleasant change to the music scene, and everybody seemed to enjoy it, with several people dancing which is always a positive sign. All in all a good feedback and no complaints at all.

The waitresses were very polite and sweet; shame they could only carry two plates at a time....but we definitely needed them.

The raffle went very well. We collected £680 and the prizes were brilliant as always. Thank you to everyone who contributed and also for helping with the sales of the tickets.

Every member of the committee that was able to attend really worked hard and contributed massively to the evening....

My mum with the table planning; Marco Gandolfi for helping me set the room up at lunch time and for uncorking all the wine; Franco for buying and preparing all the tomatoes and for hosting the raffle; Paolina for preparing all the raffle tickets before hand, and then organising the after sales tickets and also for the menus; Tiziano for collecting all the cash on the evening.

Thank you all very much for your help throughout the whole night....we all became part time waiters, organisers, prize givers and promoters!

We must pass on our gratitude to several others, who helped out on the evening especially Gab, Anna and Anna Maria, and please do not forget that Mauro did not charge us for his services in the kitchen.

Considering we ate and drank like kings, had great music and service, I think we should all be very pleased and proud of ourselves”.

Giulia Lombardo

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