NEWS » 55% of Italians can't afford a holiday!

55% of Italians can't afford a holiday!

Plenty of Sunshine but no holidays. That’s the sad news for most of the Italians who won’t be able to afford a holiday this Summer.

According to Codacons 55% of Italians will be forced to give up holidays for economical reasons.  And who is going on holiday will have to shorten them to 10 days in total, while the average expenditure will be 97 € per day.

This year about 33 million citizens will stay at home during the hot Italian Summer. The number of people who can’t afford a holiday has grown this year of about 6 million.   

The average duration of the holiday will be between 7 and 10 days (about 50% of the total), while 35% will opt for a vacation of 14/15 days. Only 15% of those leaving will spend more than 15 days away from home.

If last year the families budget per day was 104 Euros, this year it is 97. A decrease of per capita expenditure equal to 7.2%. This figure includes the cost of transport (car, train or plane), tourist facilities, food, bathing services, leisure and entertainment.

Moreover, more Italians are going to choose June and July the more affordable months.  

The favourite holiday location will be the seaside, chosen by 65% of the Italian families going on vacation. The most popular destinations will be Emilia Romagna, Sicily and Tuscany, and abroad: Spain Greece and Croatia.

Coldiretti calculates the risk of a decline in sales of 5 billion, which will focus primarily on housing services and those of food but also involve entertainment, culture and nature.

The looming crisis caused also other phenomena, such as the fact that the holiday is gradually losing its main feature: a clear break with work. The number of people who won’t go on holiday because they have to work increased by  three points (4 to 7%) and nearly 10 million Italians will have to continue working during their holidays.  

Not only Italians can’t afford holidays anymore but also they can’t choose when to take them. A new and disturbing phenomenon also emerged as 20% of respondents from a survey - conducted on a thousand people - said that they had been forced to take days off during the year because of the difficulties of the enterprises, who do not want fire people but are forced to close their businesses during the year.    

Giulia Lombardo

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