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2015 Procession and Sagra

St Peter's procession on Sunday the 19th was blessed by a gorgeous sunny day. Hundreds of people joyfully participated to the procession and to the sagra. We spoke with Peter Bertoncini, organiser of the Procession and Michele Morena, organiser of the Sagra. They were extremely satisfied and considered this year's procession and sagra a big success. This year's edition was also honoured by the participation of the Nunzio Apostolico, Antonio Mennini.


The Procession and Sagra of St Peter's Church is the most renowned event of the Italian community in London. It's difficult to count the editions of the Procession, because it has been running annually from 1884 and was suspended only during the world wars, so approximately, if we count the years leaving out the period of the wars, this should have been the 123rdcelebration of the procession of Our lady of Mount Carmel in London.


St Peter's Procession is believed to have been the first outdoor Roman Catholic religious event held in England since the Reformation in the sixteenth century and it celebrates the heritage of the local Italian community church. The procession has changed quite a lot in the last decades. There were more children participating before because there was a school near the church, children were more involved in the church activities and the Italian community lived in Clerkenwell, the area surrounding the church. Since the Anglo-Italians left the area and bought houses all over London the procession and sagra have changed and many groups disappeared.  


The procession through the streets of Clerkenwell always includes floats with tableaux showing Biblical scenes. The floats and the scenes are different every year. This year Peter Bertoncini was particularly satisfied with the last float, Our Lady of Mount Carmel with 9 people representing the scene.


The preparation of the procession and sagra took 4 weeks plus meetings during the year, and in the last 2 weeks the volunteers involved, Peter Bertoncini, Anna Giacon, secretary of procession and sagra, Michele Morena, Nick Morena, Modesto Tondelli, Alessandra Tondelli,Teresa Morena worked for the event full time.


The sagra was full of people eating and dancing to the music of the DJ set. This year, differently from the previous editions, amongst the many food stalls there was also a barbecue. There were also 25 stands including one selling Olive Besagni's book “A better life” and  the newly published book, “The Arandora Star Tragedy - 75 Years On, London’s Italian Community Remembers”. Toys for children were also available.


Michele Morena announced some novelties for next year, one of which could be an exposition of old cars.


For all who couldn't attend the event this was the Order of Procession 2015:


1          The Cross of Peace

2          Flags

3          San Francesco & Santa Caterina - Patron Saints of Italy

4          Italian Regional Costumes

5          The Four Evangelists

6          Float   San Vincenzo Pallotti

7          Assoc Consorelle del Sacro Cuore

8          Statue Madonna dei Miracoli di Mussomeli

9          Assoc Enfield, Hoddesdon, Ponders End, Waltham Cross,Walton on Thames & Woking

10        Band

11        Assoc Lucchesi nel Mondo

12        Statue Madonna del Soccorso

13        Assoc Federazione Maestri del Lavoro

16        Queen of All Saints

17        Assoc Birmingham

18        Statue San Calogero

19        Assoc Parmigiani Val Ceno

20        Float The Visitation of Mary to Elizabeth

21        Assoc Parmigiani Val Taro

22        Statue Madonna di Fatima

23        Assoc Luton and Dunstable

24        Float The Baptism of Christ

25        Assoc Sutton, Croydon and Epsom with Sant’ Antonio

26        Statue Santa Lucia

27        Assoc Peterborough

28        Statue  Madonna Nera

29        The Way of the Cross

30        Float   La Addolorata

31        Assoc Madonna della Neve

32        Statue  Santa Franca

33        Assoc Piacenza Insieme

34        Statue  San Michele

35        Float   The Resurrection of Christ

36        Statue San Francesco di Paola

37        Assoc Aylesbury

38        Statue Santa Rita

39        Christ with the First Communicants

40        Statue  Sant’ Antonio

41        Float   Madonna dell Rosario

42        Assoc St Peter's Youth Club

43        Assoc Teams from the O.G.I.

44        Assoc Gruppo di Preghiera di Padre Pio

45        Float   Our Lady of Mount Carmel

46        Confratelli del SS Sacramento     

47        The Clergy and Religious 

48        Parishioners  

Giulia Lombardo

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