NEWS » 2013 Procession and Sagra set to be really special

2013 Procession and Sagra set to be really special

It’s a special year for the Italian community as St. Peter’s Church celebrates its 150th anniversary. A wide range of events have already been held to celebrate this special occasion.

One of the most important is going to be the annual procession and Sagra on the 21st of July.

Sua eccellenza Antonio Mennini and the Nunzio apostolico are expected  to take part in the procession but their presence has still to be confirmed.

We spoke with Peter Bertoncini about the preparation of the floats and the novelties of this year.

Peter told us that being this year St. Peter’s anniversary the floats will be inspired by the statues and the paintings in the Church.

We also know from Michele Morena that the Sagra will be bigger and even more magnificent this year. The stalls, providing typical regional Italian products will be inspired by the colours of the Italian flag and for the first time there will be a DJ and it will be possible to dance in the area. 

The first float will be St. Vincent and the Apostolate and it will be inspired by Fr.Vincent Pallotti who informed Pius IX of the project for a Church for the Italians in London. The Pope not only supported the idea, but wanted the Church to be dedicated to St. Peter and built in a way that could accommodate people of other nationalities.

The second float, “Annuciazione” will be inspired by the painting behind the altar.

The third, the “Sacra famiglia” will take inspiration from the “altare di san Giuseppe”.

The forth, “The fisher of men” will represent the fresco in the central nave.

The fifth, “La pieta” will be inspired by the statue in the rear of the church.

The sixth, “La Madonna del Rosario” will represent the big painting in one of the naves.

The volunteers are already working on the preparation of the floats. As Peter Bertoncini told us this year there will be more work involved because new material must be used for the backgrounds of the floats and costumes.

Even though every year it gets more difficult to organize the procession for the authorisations needed, the robust group of volunteers who have been committed to the procession and sagra for many years will dedicate their energies and their free time to this joyful important event, which implies at least 14 full days of work plus meetings and other commissions.

We thank all the people involved in this historical manifestation which also represents a commemoration for the history of the Anglo-Italian community itself.

Provisional Order of Procession 2013

1 The Cross of Peace

2 Flags

3 Float San Vincenzo Pallotti and the worldwide apostolate

4 San Francesco & Santa Caterina - Patron Saints of Italy

5 Italian regional costumes

6 Assoc Consorelle del Sacro Cuore

7 Statue Santa Franca

8 Assoc Piacenza Insieme

9 Assoc Aylesbury Italians

10 Statue Madonna del Soccorso

11 Assoc Sutton, Croydon and Epsom with Sant’ Antonio

12 Float The Annunciation

13 Assoc Lucchesi nel Mondo

14 Statue Sant’ Antonio

15 Assoc Parmigiani Val Ceno

16 Assoc Parmigiani Val Taro

17 Band

18 Statue Madonna di Fatima

19 Assoc Luton and Dunstable

20 Statue Santa Lucia

21 Float The Holy Family

22 Statue Madonna Nera

23 The Four Evangelists

24 Statue Madonna dei Miracoli di Mussomeli

25 Assoc Enfield, Hoddesdon, Ponders End, Waltham Cross,

26 Walton on Thames & Woking

27 Float The Fisher of Men

28 Statue San Calogero

29 Entry into Jerusalem

30 Statue San Francesco di Paola

31 Assoc. Madonna della Neve

32 The Way of the Cross

33 Statue San Michele

34 Assoc Birmingham

35 Float The Pieta

36 Statue Santa Rita

37 Gruppo di Preghiera di Padre Pio

38 Christ with the First Communicants

39 Assoc St Peter's Youth Club

40 Assoc Teams from the O.G.I.

41 Float Madonna del Rosario

42 Ethnic Chaplaincies

43 Confratelli del SS Sacramento

44 The Papal Nunzio and clergy

45 Float Our Lady of Mount Carmel

46 Religious sisters

47 Parishioners

Giulia Lombardo

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