NEWS » 17 year old Davide Bifolco shot dead by a Carabiniere - violent demonstrations follow

17 year old Davide Bifolco shot dead by a Carabiniere - violent demonstrations follow

A few days ago, 17-year-old Davide Bifolco was shot dead by a Carabiniere in Naples. The boy was on a scooter with two other people and didn’t  stop at the police block, so the carabinieri went after them. The Carabinieri have declared they were there to arrest a fugitive. One of the other boys on the scooter said they didn’t stop because the scooter wasn’t insured.

The Traioano neighbourhood, the area in Naples were the tragic event took place, reacted with a violent demonstration, setting fire to police cars. As “Repubblica” reported,  “The state doesn’t protect us but kills us. Let’s defend ourselves!” was written on a banner.

The carabiniere who fired the fatal bullet said that it was fired by accident because he stumbled on a step while he was trying to stop Salvatore Triunfo, one of the other boys who was with the fugitive, Arturo Equabile managed to escape and denies having been on the scooter with the other two boys.

The autopsy revealed that Bifolco was shot in the chest from in front, giving important evidence for the reconstruction of the event. There are still many details to be clarified before responsibilities can be asserted.

The tragic death of Davide Bifolco has strongly affected the public opinion. It is another break in the delicate relationship between the state and public in some areas of the country where the public authority is perceived as the enemy, as an unfair and violent power who doesn’t care about the population but just about perpetuating the privileges of the “Casta” (caste), those few individuals in control of everything.

Bifolco’s family and Traiano neighbourhood called for murder and the dramatic event recalled the many other cases of illegitimate mistreatment of people by the police. A part of public opinion is worried that the police are not trained well enough to face up to difficult situations without losing control.   

According to others the tragic death of a young boy is definitely an event to condemn but it should also be remembered that these young people were breaking the law, the police were doing their duty and there is no proof yet that the boy was deliberately killed. 

The same rebellion and indignation by the population should be shown against camorra and mobsters. Unfortunately, in some parts of Italy it is still considered legitimate to burn a police car but not to report a criminal.

Giulia Lombardo

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