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100th birthday celebration for Villa Scalabrini Resident

On Tuesday the 17th of April Katerina Ferrigno, Known also as kay Ferrigno, celebrated her 100th birthday at Villa Scalabrini.

On this special day Kay received the Queen’s congratulations and shared an Italian cake with her family, friends, and the helpers of Villa Scalabrini. Roberta Vanni D’archirafi, wife of the consul and member of “Il circolo” was also present at the birthday party.

To retrace the 100 years of Key’s life we talked with Francesca Timanti, who also took the picture of Kay, we published, and also with Trisha Shore, Kay’s niece.

Trisha described Kay as a very content lady and remarked that she has never worn spectacles and can still read small print. According to her niece, Kay loves biography and travel programmes and never misses a copy of hello magazine.

Katerina Ferrigno was born in London (Tottenham) on the 17th of April 1912, two days after the Titanic disaster.

Her parents were Lithuanian and she had 6 sisters and 2 brothers whom she outlived.

Kay worked as a seamstress. She learnt the job from her uncle who was a tailor.

in 1947 Kay married Vittorio Ferrigno at St Ignatius church, Stamford hill. The Ferrigno family was originally from Minori.

Kay, Vittorio and their son Vince, travelled by car to Italy every year from the 1950s visiting various countries on route.

Unfortunately Kay was widowed in 1989 and her son Vince passed away in 1998.

Kay always lived in North London at various addresses. Her last house was in Winchmore Hill where she lived alone until she was 96 years old. In 2009 she found her new home in Villa Scalabrini.

She attends mass every day in Villa Scalabrini and always says that her 3 years there have been very happy and peaceful. She also says, according to her niece , that she has never met such kind caring people!

Giulia Lombardo and Francesca Timanti

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